Sponsor (July-Sept 1961)

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SPONSOR-SCOPE continued Something substantive is being done by the SRA to help agencies minimize chances of film commercials getting to stations too late for broadcast. The action: an SRA subcommittee, headed by Lloyd Griffin, is compiling a brochure no ing the procedure that agency shipping rooms might follow for maximum efficiency It will also contain the specific address for each station recipient. The latest oldtimer to come out of hibernation as far as radio is concerned Clark Bros.' Teaberry, Cinnamon and Tendermint Gums (Gardner New York). It hasn't been around radio at all since 1950. Back in the '30s and '40s it was a staple, never spending an overwhelming amount money but something that always warranted a reps trip to Pittsburgh. In fact, KDKA had Clark Bros, as a sponsor in the mid-'20s. Nylon and rayon bidders for the tire manufacturing business have cause to It over their shoulders as they carry on their battle of claims and counterclaims. The steel people see tire making as a new outlet for their product, advancing theme that a mixture of steel and rubber will provide longwearing and the sort of support t9| will lessen the amount needed. Hence in the near future advertising may see institutional campaigns for tires directed frcll three directions: DuPont, Tyrex and U.S. Steel. McCann-Erickson has solved a ticklish problem with regard to the Humble account by transferring one of its upper-ranking executives to the Houston office. The Humble boys, despite the fact their company is now nationwide, are reluctant abi getting headquartered too close to the parent corporation, Standard Oil of N. J., so the agency is cooperating advertisingwise by buttressing Houston with key men out of Inte public. The discount department stores are taking a leaf out of the supermarket's book they're granting more and more concessions to rack jobbers. And a highriding reason for this is a shortage of merchandising specialists. Unlike many of the supermarket chains, the discount store operators have become incline) to single out certain merchandising management operations for themselves and leaTJ the merchandising brainwork to rack jobbers who function as chains without chains, It may be largely due to the summer business situation, but agencies report thai more and more tv stations in the smaller markets are offering their primes in plan or package, form. Certain reps admit that adoption of this strategm has tended to bump business up, bu they make a point of adding that their station only went for it because the competitior was doing it. DuPont's textile division has bought a mess of Monitor spots in NBC Radio'i Monitor for the Labor Day weekend to sell motorists on the auto safety belt, to whicl the division contributes the raw product. If the campaign clicks, it will be tried again on other holiday weekends. For other nows coverage In this Issue: see Sponsor-Week, page 7; Sponsoi Week Wrap-Up, page 60; Washington Week, page 55; SPONSOR Hears, page 58; Tv and Ra dio Newsmakers, page 68; and Film-Scope, page 56. 22 SPONSOR 24 july 1961