Sponsor (July-Sept 1961)

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L\ II ^ fc#> • ^w A%'rf i ■ w* ■ 2 p JK4 p* w V 4 ^ ■* ^m // ">V^; ■ F 1 / | ■ I r > | Hj 1 N if t 1 ^ * 1 1 r*T 1 L ^V^L " pV \_. N^S, I ' ■ \ , y i i Tn« IEWAY TO THI HEART OF SOUTH CAROLINA: 257,961 people who make WIS-television's home market the state's largsl metropolitan area (and a close second in the two Carolinas after a 8.% increase in the 1960 Census) give Channel 10 their major time and itfcntion, not to say devotion. This adds up to a 78.5 share of audience, a^s ARB (March 1960). And throughout South Carolina, WIS-television's 55-foot tower, tallest in the South, delivers more of the state, more effectively. h;n any other station. In short, South Carolina's major selling force is \ V I S television >K NBC/ABC — Columbia, South Carolina Charles A. Batson. Managing Director pation of THE BROADCASTING COMPANY OF THE SOUTH V G. Richard Shafto, Executive Vice President " W] television, Channel 10, Columbia, S.C. • WIS Radio, 560, Columbia, S.C. • WS FA-TV, Channel 12, Montgomery, Ala. / All represented by Peters, Griffin, Woodward, Inc.