Sponsor (Apr-June 1964)

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THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE RADIO / TV ADVERTISERS USE laansop ^M APRIL 6 1964 PRICE 40c ictical ethics for broadcast advertisers page 23 mad but wonderful world of a copywriter page 33 54 NAB Convention special page 39 COMMUNITY INVOLVEM THE EVENT: The 1964 Annual Minnesota Symposium ... a 4-day Free exchange of ideas on GREAT ISSUES IN GOVERNMENT on the University of Minnesota campus. THE SPEAKERS: Senator Wayne Morse, Oregon Harold Stassen, Presidential Candidate Governor George C. Wallace, Alabama Roy Wilkins, NAACP Executive Secretary James J. Kilpatrick. Jr., Virginia Editor Dr. Walter Heller, Administration Economist W. Allen Wallis, Pres of Rochester Univ. Norman Thomas, Socialist Robert Welch, John Birch Society Founder THE SPONSORS: WCCO and the University of Minnesota ^^ COMMUNITY (City. State. Nation) INVOLVEMENT, plus acceptance, makes WCCO Television the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND GREAT IN TWIN CITY TELEVISION. WCCO MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL Nafl Reps: Peters. Griffin. Woodward. Inc.