Sponsor (Apr-June 1964)

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, RIDAY AT 5 FTC loses probe to new commission Manufacturers and admen will watch for recommendations vhich may affect media and presentation of advertising Washington — I he Federal Trade Commission's prospective, large scale Hkl\ ot chain ItOW fOOd retailing ind private brands has been handed >vei to ■ prcaidontialry-auggcated naional Commisaioo on I ood Market ng. Onlookers here wonder it there s any significance in timing o! Preadent's sudden decision to nave an appointed, bi-partisan group take over lobe, instead ot regulatory agency. >ome interpret it as snub to sprcadng regulatory power, although FIC O.BC-TV TO SELL SUNDAY MORNINGS Chicago — ABC -IV got NAB onvcntion Ofl to sprightly start with vord that it will SCran sustaining .anetitv of Sunday morning network IV and solicit sponsors tor expanded ilock of kids' programming. (CBSrV programs only religious and cul:ural shows Sunday morning, not ivailable for sale; NBC does no programming at all until the early aftertoon.) Meantime, ABC execs also talked jp Nielsen 30-market report for week :nding Mar. 29, which has WEB >ver 2 points ahead of NBC. Figures: TBS, 19.4; ABC, 17.8; NBC, 15.6 S. M. A. rating could easilv give ABC .econd place in national report for that *eek. Over same period last year, \1K is up 20 percent, while CBS s down a negligible 1 percent and NBC is off 10 percent in ratir Holes and some weaker spots in letwork's tall prime-time schedule — ip in air until hours before ABC lpper echelon packed their bags for [ hicago — were filled in b\ 1'rcs. Tom Moore for the more than 10(H) early '.rnvals attending annual affiliates esentation. Two last-minute changes were made in Wedncsdav night lineup 10 p.m. slot, which looked like it belonged to Alexander the Great, will be occupied by returning Outer Limits; it was decided to fill the \acant 10:30 p.m. period with ABC news reports. Rather than pit the 30-minute Price is Right against hour; long shows on both competeting netk>. ABC will bring back Jimmy Dean Show Thursdays. 10-1 1 p.m. and after straddling schedules for weeks in on-again-off-again situation, Mickey Rooncv finally got the nod for the Friday! 9-9:30 p.m. slot. has also been taken to task foi concentrating on the "picayune." Senate resolution to have I It probe chainatore giants tor possible misuse ol power — and lor too broad a price spread between supplier and consumer by distributors and marketers— has just recently had Senate Commerce c ommhtee hearing. Sen. Oak McOee promptly won unanimous consent to have his probe resolution reworded to incorporate President Johnson's suggestion. Md told senators that powerful, postwar giant chain store is now S70 billion a year business. McGec thinks this notso-jolly giant is flexing corporate muscles to depress farmer and meat supplier prices, and overcharge housewife. I he Presidential commission will have 15 members, five senators appointed by president of the Senate, five members from House, appointed by the speaker, and five by President Johnson from outside government. Commission will study trends in chain store food retailing, and effectiveness of government statutes and agencies to deal with present and future developments in this industry. Heinz, Maxon to split after 30-yr. alliance Pittsburgh — "Recent changes in marketing strategy" caused H. J. Heinz Co., to leave Maxon, Inc.. Detroit, after 30-year client-agency pact, said to one of longest ever. Maxon continues through Inly 31 to place advertising it has created, although change-over date is Ma\ 1. An estimated $9-million Hem/, billings was divided among three agencies: To Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove. Pittsburgh: Heinz vinegars, sauces, beans, apple sauce, mustards, and Institutional Food Service Div. The same agency continues with Blend, non-carbonated fruit drink it's serviced since Heinz bought product in I960. Billing increase: estimated at about N I million. To Doyle Dane Bernbach. York: Heinz ketchups, chili sauce and soups. The agency has haiulled some million in soup accounts since 1963. Estimated total: $5 million. To Grey Advertising. New York: Heinz baby foods, pickles, relishes, worth about S3-million. Burnett. Chicago, continues for Heinz Star-Kist fa Nielsen NTI hike l!l( \( ,() /''. 75% fur iti national I V \ 1 1 annount ed la for A. ( uttve via [>r< tldent i'<f Ut Rat ". | ( "tin. </ audlti ■ Was attributed /<• ( onsidered essential in tod manding h environm \ I I '•amcle eurrently being changed over t<> include Mountain Time /"r., and, ■•■. hen 1 1 >mi in IV65, will be t<>tall\ . but gradually, revised during e period. Broadcast Rating Council starts national audits New York — Three naluvi il ( I' \ firms have been authorized by Broadcast Rating ( ouncil (BR( i to start auditing several rating services that regularly conduct national surveys Audits are to start at once, last six-eight weeks, be implemented I continuing audit that 'will go on indefinitely.'' These initial pilots conform to BRC accreditation procedure, also formally announced March M. Article II. Sect. A reads, in pari: creditation shall be granted by the ( ouncil to a service if the sen. ice . . . submits to audita by or on behalf of the Council." BRC also confirmed SPONSOR'S recent announcement of H. M. Beville. NBC vice president , as chairman ot accreditation committee for services that don't conduct surveys on regular schedules and/or are local or regional. Committee members: William vVeilbacher, C J. 1 iRoche; ward ( odel, the kat/ Agency, representing SKA. Richard FoTsling, ( lis They expect to evolve procedures and standards by mid-year, they announced Julius Barnathan, ABC i dent, and Beville briefed BRC national TV audicnce-mcasurem. activitv K ON I AMi. while M \ Goldberg. NAB PCfa dire, depicted local IV audience work '1 I AM i "Greatly heartened" bv "substantial sir: Donald McG anon ot Group v\ and BRC chairman, no:, growing k\!v of feeling which indicates that our purposes are K realized, and that our UU| being met " SPONSOR ' April 6. 1964