Sponsor (Apr-June 1964)

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THE NATIONAL WEEKLY OF TV A RADIO ADVERTISING I hdio rebounds with vigor from tv heyday .... 25 Eittle vs. can battle rages on beer front 30 fpvie major rides comeback trail to tv 43 Sfy* mr*tdm g • iir" •* «, »*-."' •" Why TIT bought Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 and 7 of Seven Arts' "Films of the 50's" Clint McKinnon General Manager. K III Corpus Chnsti. Texas Says Clint McKinnon: "Because we like time buyers We respect account executives, and we love our viewers We felt that way when we bought Seven Arts' Films of fhe 50 s tor KOAT in Albuquerque We gave our viewers fhe besf programming that was humanly possible — and our viewers responded with the highest ratings With a brand new station in Corpus Chnsti. Texas (K III. Channel 3). we're following the same successful formula and. accordingly, acquired the best feature film library available Seven Arts Volumes 1. 2 3 4 5 Seven Arfs' FEATURES IN PRIME TIME on the most powerful station in this I sure — again score fop rafmgs and become a winner with tht for fhe accour | • 7 SEVEN ARTS ASSOCIATED CORP ■ ••■