Sponsor (1964)

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OLE! KMEX-TV CHANNEL 34 (and ARB for setting the record straight in Los Angeles) KMEX-TV proves what Spanish International television stations hove been doing all along . . . dominating the vast Southwestern Spanish language market! KMEX-TV Monday through Friday 6:00-10:00 PM (July-August ARB) 60% share of audience Spanish speaking homes Average homes delivered: 37,000 Ranks 6th in an 8 station market total v^^omen (18-19) delivered Beats the Big V's 23-times total homes delivered Beats the Big V's 135 times total women (18-39) delivered Not bod for a Spanish language UHF station competing against seven V's! Spanish language TV is doing the same or better in our other six markets. We'll soon have ARB proof of this too! SPINISH imEIINIITIONIIl NEfWOII I: ^ SPANISH INTERNATIONAL NETWORK 250 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. 721 North Bronson, Hollywood 38, Cal. oxford 7-0585 HOIIywood 6-8131