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among networks, research organizations, and trade groups: ABC: Is considering a number of radio studies but the plans haven't been crystallized enough to discuss them. American Research Bureau: Has developed some new methods of measuring radio which have been tested in the field. One of them involves the problem of measuring multiple-set listening. Director James Seiler says his technique for measuring listening on a person-by-person basis rather than on the basis of a family unit will go a long way toward filling up this particular research gap. ARB is also expanding its technique to match up the products on the pantry shelf with the family's radio listening history. Advertising Research Foundation: Its four-subcommittee study of rating methods will get fully under way this month. The No. 1 task is the auditing of the various services, with Our rates are local and include complete merchandising distribution and promotion assistance. We serve 400,000 loyal listeners in Negro, rural, industrial, and four nationality groups. Only the Gary Sales Plan sells Indiana's second marker. Call us without obligation. Gen. Mgr.-WWCA Gary Indiana's No. 2 Market ARF men going out into the field with rating service operatives to observe procedures. Also entailed in the study is, as Biow's Dr. Deckinger phrases it, "putting the measuring stick to the reasons for the different methods used by the rating services" and eventually determining where each service falls short of the "ideal" rating techniques that one of the subcommittees is delegated to recommend. How will all this help radio? According to Dr. Deckinger, it will eliminate some of the confusion that stems from trying to analyze radio by means of rating services, and the advertiser will then be in a better position to evaluate the true dimensions of radio. Rroadcast Advertising Bureau: This organization has many research projects planned. Here are a few of them : ( 1 I extension of its car-radio studies in which it will do sampling of cars on the road in eight markets of from two million population down to 150,000 and measure the number of cars on the road at various periods of the day, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; ( 2 I expansion of its studies of multiple-jet listening with emphasis on the LOCAL RATES With KWJJ, National Advertisers can take advantage of Local Rates. Your nationally advertised product, when local retail outlets are used as the advertiser, is entitled to local rates. KWJJ's sales staff will be glad to help you >n lining up cooperative advertising with retailers on this money-saving plan. OREGON'S "Wod PonerfJ" Independent Station 1011 S.W. 6th Ave. PORTLAND, OREGON National Representatives: Weed & Co. 80 SPONSOR