Sponsor (Jan-Apr 1957)

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* Uncle Ben Racks Up Ratings on KPRC-TVt "looney Town" If it takes kiddies and their mommas to ring your client's cash registers, you'll find Houston's higgest audience on KPRC-TX s "Looney Town." Emcee. "Uncle Bert" Lynn supplements his antics with cartoons and audience participation stunts. Live daily audience of 90 to 100 . . . available for sampling. Personalized commercials harmonize smoothly with format, add selling emphasis. "Looney Town earns a higher rating than other two competing shows combined. (ARB October '56.) KPRC-TV HOUSTON CHANNEL JACK HARRIS \ ice President and General Manager JACK MCGREW \ational Sales Manager Nationally Represented b\ EDWARD PETRY 8c CO. KPRC-TV. .. MOST POTENT ADVERTISING FORCE IN THE HOUSTON MARKET