Sponsor (Sept-Dec 1958)

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An editorial voice that is KFM k 9PECIAL QERIES "Editorial Voice" 1 Q t; g •l N0«-CLA55ICAL MUSIC '^Tke Mornm^ mch" ^^-^yfe>^^:wSKaaiaB^a^^^^-3^- Last summer KFAB started a broad, new concept in midwest radio. One of the key features of this crisp, new programing was the award-winning "Editorial Voice" speaking out on important issues of the day. Another was the bright, provocative morning program, "The Morning Watch" . . . also an award winner. Programs and features ...like "The Morning Watch" and "The Editorial Voice," combined with top rated personalities, have accounted for the big audience swing to KFAB in the Big Omaha Market .. . the BIGGEST award of all. Get all the facts on the new KFAB from Petry — or from E. R. Morrison, KFAB's General Sales Manager. BASIC NBC SO.OOO WATTS with COLOR TELEVISION CI (VARD PETRY & CO.. INC. 6 SEPTEMBER 1958