Sponsor (Sept-Dec 1958)

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Agencies and nets move into tape ^ Flexibility and economy are some key factors that are leading network television accounts into videotape ^ Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson, McCann-Erickson are just a few agencies who have atlded tape to techniques I V commercial producers, networks and stations that have installed recording equipment report a wave of interest from agencymen and advertisers. Much of this interest is expressed in questions. How much will it cost? What can it do for us? Answers to such queries are coming through daily as recorder owners continue experiments and as major advertising clients begin to move into videotape. Here are some of the things that national advertisers have learned about tape and the ways they have applied it: J. Walter Thompson claims two firsts for color tape commercials for Lever Bros.' Lux Soap. These color tapes rolled into The Price Is Right show not only were the first color tapes ever integrated into a live show, but the occasion also marked the first time that tape, color or b & w, had been integrated into a live show via a transcontinental hookup. The commercial is rolled into the live N. Y. show on a feed from Hollywood. Agency producer Tom de Paolo, who directs the commercials, says they disproved the "deterioration" rumor as far as he is concerned. "Four commercials are done at one session," dc Paolo explained, "and the quality is just as good five weeks later when the fourth one is run as it was right after taping." De Paolo figures an hour to do each commercial; it usually takes less. They do four at a time at NBC tape center in Burbank, Calif. Two similar Lux sets are set up. While one is in use, the other is being dressed. He has never had to do more than three takes to get it right. First of these taped Lux commercials was telecast 24 July. JWT's reason for going to tape: "to keep commercials fresh, flexible and foolproof," according to de Paolo. Also out at Burbank, Buick will be shooting three tapes under the direction of Charles Powers, in charge of West Coast production for McCannErickson. The reason behind Mc-E's putting three of Buick's 1959 models' introductory announcements on videotape is that they want some commercials with a "live" feel to more or less balance those with a "film" feel. One will be taped for the 19 September NBC TV Bob Hope Show, one for 22 Sept. NBC TV Tales of Wells Fargo, and one for the 19 September ABC TV Buick Action Theater. The latter show is a re-run, and since it is on ABC it means that NBC tape will almost certainly be rolled into an ABC show. According to Powers, no union problem exists (both networks are NABET), and he anticipates no AFTRA-SAG difficulties. But Color tape produced at NBC center in Burbank and integrated into live show from New York via transcontinental hookup was this "first" by J. Walter Thompson for Lux Soap. Above ( imunercial of the "Lux Girl" is one of four done at same time. Pic is a kine from tape 6 SEPTEMBER 1958