Star-dust in Hollywood (1930)

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Hollywood — First Days on the Movie Lot The strange medley of costume was here even more marked than in the open. In another part of the room, divided from the first by a partition of curtain, the bigwigs of the studios lunched more at leisure, and, considering the salaries, lunch was cheap. Exquisite girls, uniformed as THE QUICK-LUNCH COUNTER waitresses, attended to our wants. Poor creatures ! Like peris, they lingered at the gates of paradise. Large eyes ogled, ruby lips pouted, golden hair twined adorably, ex- quisite dimples charmed. Directors, aye, even supervisors, received their roast lamb or fried liver from lovely fingers. Yet, with the tempting doors of the stages just across the alley-way, they are doomed to languish. The waitresses' uniform was the seal of their failure. [87]