Star-dust in Hollywood (1930)

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Star-dust in Hollywood framework a gigantic sky backcloth stood higher yet, shut- ting out the distant vistas of hotels, furniture-stores, and the Hollywood hills, with their clustering palaces of the Movie Great. This steamship was a permanent source of income, since it might be hired by any film company that needed a THE LASKY PARAMOUNT STEAMSHIP FROM THE STREET full-sized liner. It was also a storehouse. Now it had been incorporated into a dockside setting, in which grim, rotting vestiges of wharfside shacks encumbered a land not yet solid enough or valuable enough to ensure their being demolished. Sagging, balconied rabbit-warrens of lodging-houses defied gravity on rotting piles. Two full-sized streets had been built along stagnant canals filled with muddy water deep enough to float a rowing-boat. Wires over the street had been stretched from roof to roof, and light tarpaulins shrouded overhead and all the sides. No need here to wait for time or