The talking machine world (Jan-Dec 1911)

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THE TALKING MACHINE WORLD. 11 THE MULTINOLA" T Th MULTINOLA" Style A Mahogany Cabinet. IHIS new creation is a decided innovation in the phonograph world. It being the only multiple phonograph that will play a// ynakes of cylinder records — 16 hi number^ of 4-minutes each — and do it A UTOMA TIC ALL Y. A reproduction that is perfect^ and of a quality unequalled. Attractively built for Commercial and Home uses, with coin controlled mechanism if desired ; and the only instrument of its kind constructed on correct principles. Others are imitations of no comparative merit or value. Our ^''DISC record instrument, manifestly unique and a marvel in simplicity, will soon be ready for the market. It will be offered in various Cabinets made of any wood and design to harmonize with any environment ranging in prices from $5.00 to $500.00 each — playing any disc record manufactured, in a manner unapproached for purity and sweetness of tone. These instruments are distinctively new and original, possessing quality of great merit. They are covered by fundamental patents here and abroad., owned exclusively by us, and our rights thereunder will be maintained against all infringers. Representative Dealers Everywhere are invited to communicate with us for further information, Exclusive Selling Rights, Etc. THE AMERICAN MULTINOLA CO. CLEVELAND, OHIO THE ARCADE Capital $2,500,000.00 The "MULTINOLA" with Cabinet front opened, partially displaying its Controlling Mechanism and Records in Carriers.