The talking machine world (Jan-June 1920)

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May 15, 1920 THE TALKING MACHINE WORLD 75 Doehler Die Castings Compel Satisfaction J_JO\VEVER intricate the part and however exacting the specifications, your full satisfaction is assured when you entrust the die casting to Doehler. The products of the Company's plants are standard wherever quality is the essential requisite. Years of specialization have created an engineering staff and a manufacturing organization which stand preeminent in their field. Put your die-casting problem up to Doehler UtHE WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF DIE CASTINGS Doehler HB-Gttflira Yum om« wo eumw plakt . cemtbaiplant " wi£ir*n flaht ^BROOKLYN, N.Y. TOLEDO.OHIO. CHICAGO, ILL. SALES OFFICES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES ROBERT BURBICK MAKES CHANGE Canton, O., April 27. — Robert Burbick, for several years identified with the phonograph department of the Lewis Bros. Co., at East Liverpool, O.. is now a salesman in the same department of the D. W. Learch Co., Market avenue N., this city. He is one of the best-known phonograph men in eastern Ohio, and has many friends in the trade. TO HOLD SERIES OF MEETINGS Columbia Graphophone Co. Officials Start on Tour of Branches in Various Parts of the Country to Hold Trade Conferences RECENTLY INCORPORATED What More Can You Ask All the features that go to make a talking machine Profitably Salable you will find as regular equipment of Magrtola: "Built by Tone Specialists." Wa.tckir%J the Music Come Out Complete description of all these features is to be found in our handsome illustrated catalog, which we should like to send you. May we? Ask us to tell you our plans for your benefit! MAGNOLA TALKING MACHINE COMPANY OTTO SCHULZ. President General Offleei Southern Wholesale Branch 711 MILWAUKEE AVENUE 1930 CANDLER BLDG. CHICAOO ATLANTA. OA. Geo. W. Hopkins, general sales manager of the Columbia Graphophone Co., accompanied by W. A. Willson, manager of the company's educational department; H. L. Tuers, manager of the Dealer Service department, and O. F. Benz, of the general sales department, left Monday for an extended trip to Columbia branches in different parts of the country. According to present plans, all four of these executives will visit Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis. At the Columbia branches in these cities dealer meetings will be held, together with meetings of the branch managers and the sales staffs of the branches in nearby cities. A program similar to the one adopted on previous trips will be followed at these meetings. Mr. Hopkins returns to New York from Minneapolis and the other three executives proceed to a meeting in Winnipeg, Can. Mr. Tuers returns to New York from Winnipeg, while Mr. Benz proceeds to a meeting in New Orleans, returning home from that branch. Mr. Willson, who is making his first extensive tour to the Western branches, will visit Spokane, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver and Kansas City, Mo. L. C. Ackley, who has just been appointed manager of the Seattle branch, will accompany the executives to the meetings in Philadelphia and Cincinnati. The Bronx Talking Machine Co., Bronx, N. Y., has been incorporated with a capital of $25,000, by G. A. Barron, A. Schochet and T. Mendelowitz, 1557 Eastern parkway, Brooklyn. The International Automatic Phonograph Co. has been incorporated under the laws of Delaware to do business, with a capital of $1,250,000. The incorporators are T. L. Croteau, M. A. Bruce and S. E. Dill, of Wilmington. The Queen Automatic Phonograph Co. has incorporated under the laws of Delaware, with a capital of $1,000,000, by Frederick Seeber, A. S. Meadoff and F. O. Wierth, New York. MZTCINEDV EACH NEEDLE PLAYS 10 RECORDS BOESCH CO.'S MONTHLY CONCERTS The John Boesch Co., Burlington, la., is conducting monthly concerts in connection with each opening day for Victor records. Besides a seven-piece orchestra to alternate with the Victrola, a local singer for one or two numbers was secured. Walter Stone is manager. THE ORIGINAL AND FASTEST SELLING MULTI-PLAYING NEEDLE ASK YOUR JOBBER Manufactured by SUPERTONE NEEDLE WORKS 18 W. 20th St., New York