Talking pictures : how they are made and how to appreciate them (1937)

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Talking Pictures photographic effect of any one make-up, hours of labor will be lost. Motion picture make-up is so tied in with studio re- quirements that a make-up artist serves an apprentice- ship for several years before he is allowed to work on important assignments. Studio make-up departments are recruited from the most imaginative employees of beauty shops, and from research workers in factories manufacturing cosmetics. The studio make-up leaders of today, however, are either actors who became in- terested in the art from personal experiments, or former painters or sculptors. The art of the screen has advanced greatly in the past decade, but it has been able to advance no faster than the art of make-up. In arts such as that of the screen play, or the stage play, there are few contribut- ing artists whose contributions rank in importance to that of the studio make-up expert. The Good Earth, with its changing of American faces into Chinese, is only one of a number of pictures which could not have been made ten years ago when make-up men were less expert. [154]