Talking pictures : how they are made, how to appreciate them (c. 1937)

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A Single-minded Community v a community. A very small proportion'of its inhabitants are picture people. Lawyers, doctors, and business men occupy most of the houses. Many Angclcnos live for years without knowing that their nextdoor neighbor has a "face known round the world." It is told that, one day while strolling near his home, Clark Gable met a middle-aged man living in that vicin- ity. Gable introduced himself. "Gable? Gable?" said the man. "Are you by any chance a relative of the fellow that's in movies?" But now we shall land at Hollywood. Hollywood is not the only place in the world in which moving pictures are made. It is not the only place in the world in which good moving pictures are made. In fact some poor pictures have come from this rambling suburb of Los Angeles. But the definite excellence of others has advanced the whole industry into the realm of higher art. Hollywood deserves its place in this volume because more pictures are made here than elsewhere, and 80 per cent of the greatest motion picture technicians live in and around Los Angeles. This much-discussed subdivision of a large city is at once the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a port of frustrated desires. To it many come, but from them few are chosen. It gives rewards to a handful of persons. It says "No" to thousands. It is one of the world's most interesting and glamorous communities. Where else, for example, could you find a case of a Robert Taylor? In 1933 this personable young man appeared in a senior class play at Pomona College. Seen by a talent [*s-]