Talking pictures : how they are made, how to appreciate them (c. 1937)

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Talking Pictures ing from Shakespeare to Dashiell Hammett, from the nonsense of a Marx Brothers comedy to the tense drama of The Good Earth, these are and will always be the cornerstone of the film business. Without fine stars, sensitive supporting players, even the greatest story cannot come to life on the screen. But without fine stories not even the greatest and most popular star now living could continue his popularity for six months! Hollywood depends upon stories. No studio could continue its work without an ample and varied supply of stories from which to draw. These, the result of man's most fanciful dreams and most inspired visions, must be discovered and adjusted to the need of the studios. Dreams! Remember that word. In a sense novels are merely some man's dreams, put into written words. Plays are dreams transformed into actors walking to and fro across the physical stage of a theatre. Motion pic- tures are dreams transmitted to a metalized screen, there to be seen by more millions than can be reached by almost any other means of communication. All phases of literary art are closely linked with dreams which spring up like the Phoenix in the mind of some man or woman. All stories are integral in the warp and woof of the photoplay fabric, and they pro- vide the reply to Hollywood's perennial request, Dreams Wanted. [34]