Talking pictures : how they are made, how to appreciate them (c. 1937)

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Dreams Wanted leased, or a new serial story has begun publication in a magazine. This happened before the picture / Loved You Again, from a novel by Octavus Roy Cohen, was pro- duced. The story had been received with favor by readers when it appeared in a popular magazine. Scores of letters had reached every studio suggesting various stars for the principal roles. But the story had been bought from publisher's proof sheets months before the magazine appeared on the newsstand. By the time the general public reads a new novel, the chances are 500 to 1 that in the files of every studio there is already a synopsis of it and a complete analysis of it in a reader's report. When the play Grand Hotel appeared on the New York stage hundreds of people wrote suggesting its possibility for motion pictures. But it had been bought for motion picture production months before, and it was film money that had financed its New York stage presentation. This was the end of a two years' search by a studio reading department. The late Irving Thalberg had expressed a desire to produce a picture of large physical scope which would be so constructed that it would give excellent parts to not one or two stars but to several. When a studio reader discovered a note concerning a German novel which was about to be made into a stage play, she scented the end of a long chase. The novel and the play were sent for and translated into English. It proved to be the exact work Mr. Thalberg had in mind, and nego- tiations were put under way by cable for the picture [37]