Television Digest with Electronics Reports (Jan-Dec 1954)

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development in black-&-white" would be disclosed at distributor convention — "one that industry will copy. " He said it was a feature "people ask for" and involves low end of line. He insisted on keeping the secret until after distributor convention. I Philco's John M. Otter, whose company won't have color this year (Vol. 10:32) and apparently isn't too concerned about it yet, told meeting of distributors and dealers in Pittsburgh to concentrate on black-&-white and to push harder than ever for second-set and replacement sales in big metropolitan areas. Crosley's Leonard F. Cramer predicted excellent season for all levels of the trade, with emphasis still on low-end sales. By way of accenting public's obsession for low-priced sets, he said price of Crosley's "Super V" would not be raised from current |140-|160 level. He said too that his recently-introduced new line carried markups that ran as high as 42% to dealers. * * * ♦ * TV production keeps barreling along, totaling 167,849 week ended Aug. 20, up ’ from 157,205 preceding week and 135,135 week ended Aug. 6. It was highest for any ► week since last Oct. It was year's 32nd week and brought year-to-date production to about 3,400,000, compared to 4,400,000 in same period of 1953. ; Radio production also went up, totaling 207,082 (69,728 auto), compared to I 193,148 week ended Aug. 13 and 185,475 week before. Production for 32 weeks was ' 5,622,000, compared to about 7,750,000 in Trade Personals: Richard t. orth, rca v.p. & gen. mgr. of its tube dept., joins Westinghouse Sept. 1 as v.p. in charge of electronic tube div., replacing E. W. Ritter, who continues as consultant . . . Benjamin Abrams, pres, of Emerson radio, elected to board of trustees of Long Island U, whose board pres, is Wm. Zeckendorf, the realtor-builder . . . Dr. Donald L. Benedict, onetime Raytheon microwave consultant, later with Sylvania lab, I named director of physical sciences research at Stanford Research Institute . . . W. H. Graham promoted to gen. mgr. of TV-i-adio manufacturing of Crosley & Bendix home appliance divs., new name of old appliance & electronics div.; W. R. Lawrence Jr. promoted to gen. mgr. of home laundry equipment plant at Nashville; J. M. Mihalic Jr. to gen. mgr. of refrigerator & defense products plant at Richmond, Ind. . . . Eugene E. Broker, manufacturing .supt. at Sylvania’s Burlington, la. receiving tube plant, ) named mgr. of Shawnee, Okla. radio tube plant, replacing I (’harles W. Hosterman, now asst. gen. mgr. of electronics • , div., Woburn, Mass. . . . George L. Neaderhouser promoted to Capehart-Farnsworth comptroller, succeeding R. H. • Hartmann, now v.p. . . . A. P. Cain, Crosley Dallas zone I mgr., promoted to west coast zone mgr., San Francisco . . . Fritz A. Franke, Hallicrafters communications product engineer and pres, of Chicago chapter of Armed Forces Communications Assn., named chairman of special SC-25 committee of Radio Technical Commission for Marine Services, in charge of recommending to Govt, technical and structural standards for marine radio-telephones on 2-mc band . . . Milton Auster, from company’s now-disbanded Seattle factory branch, appointed Olympic Radio’s I national field sales mgr. . . . Arthur E. Welch, ex-Bendix Radio asst. gen. mgr., named Sentinel Radio sales promotion mgr. . . . Paul (L Olschner named Westinghouse St. Louis area mgr., succeeding B. H. Marshall, now Houston area mgr. . . . Richard W. Smith promoted to Bendix Radio asst. adv. mgr. . . . Russell E. Conley named adv. & sales promotion mgr. of RCA Victor Radio & “Victrola” div. . . . Hugh Mooney. ex-Fuller & Smith & Ross, joins Ted Bates & Co. to take charge of merchandising program of CBSColumbia . . . Walter Domoracki, ex-Philco, named mgr. of new Ward Products Corp. antenna research lab, Ashtabula, ().... Harold (i. Butterfield, onetime acting chief of .\PA components branch, resigns as i)urchasing director of National Union Electric Corp. corresponding period year ago. Distributor Notes: Philco appoints Guy Plank Co., E. 21 Gray Ave., Spokane (Guy Plank, pres.), replacing Inland Empire Wholesalers, which takes over StrombergCarlson line from Spokane Paper & Stationery Co. . . . Admiral appoints ZCMI Wholesale Distributors, Salt Lake City (H. H. Bennett, exec, v.p.) . . . CBS-Columbia appoints Quality Television Corp., 2545 Yates Blvd., Los Angeles, replacing Ray Thomas Co., which reportedly will take on DuMont line; CBS-Columbia also appoints T. A. O’Loughlin & Co., ex-Philco Newark outlet, replacing Igoe Bros. . . . Stromberg-Carlson appoints Brown-Camp Hardware Co., 216 S.W. 1st St., Des Moines . . . Westinghouse appoints Nathanson Cigar & Tobacco Co., 1410 Harmon PL, Minneapolis (Paul Nathanson, pres.) . . . Olympic appoints National Electronics Co., Minneapolis, replacing Rogers Olympic Sales . . . B. T. Crump Co., Richmond (Wm. E. Seaton, pres.), relinquishes CBS-Columbia franchise . . . Allied Appliance Distributors, Baltimore (Emerson) elects Jules Resnick pres., succeeding Herman Goodman, now chairman; latter is also pres, of Emerson Radio of Washington . . . Admiral Distributors Inc., Houston, appoints Earl J. Barron, ex-Oklahoma City div., as gen. sales mgr., replacing M. J. Nicolin, on leave of absence . . . R.T.A. Distributors Inc., Albany, N. Y. (RCA) appoints Richard Fay mgr. of RCA Victor div., Samuel Bloom mercliandising mgr. . . . HMS Distributors Inc., Los Angeles (Hallicrafters) appoints Lee Adler gen. mgr., succeeding W’m. Shaw, now parent company’s director of distributor relations . . . Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., Newark, appoints John W. Bamert gen. sales mgr., replacing Leonard Fischer, resigned . . . Emerson Radio of Florida, Miami, appoints Harry J. Darby controller . . . Emerson Radio of Michigan. Detroit, moves to 16203 Dexter Blvd. ■ Robert C. Sprague Jr., Sprague Electric, named chairman of RETMA industrial relations committee, succeeding Leslie E. Woods, Raytheon; Harry Houston, DuMont, named eastern vice-chairman; Jack M. Ferren, Zenith, niidwestern; WL G. Tuttle, Hughes Aircraft, western . . . Dr. \V. R. G. Baker, GE, reappointed chairman of RETMA’s TV committee. Allen Mulford, 60, commercial v.p. of international GE, died Aug. 21 at Presbyterian Hospital, N. Y., after illness of several months.