The theater, the cinema and ourselves (1947)

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My thanks are due to the following for illustrations: — Alexander Bender for The Winslow Boy. Basil Shackleton for Renee Asherson as Juliet. Bradfield College and Eric Guy of Reading for Hamlet. Bristol Old Vic Company and Desmond Tripp of Bristol for Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Cyril Holness of Margate (for Sasha Ltd.) for Cynara. Film Traders for Marie Louise. General Film Distributors for Scarlet Street. George Fearon (photographs taken by Edward Mandinian) for the Glass Slipper. John Vickers for The Guinea Pig (supplied by H. M. Tennent Ltd.). The Turn of the Screw. The Rising Sun. The Pick-up Girl. Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Metro Goldwyn Mayer for The Picture of Dorian Grey. Moss Empires and The New Lindsey Theatre for The Pick-up Girl. Picture Post for one of their covers. Samuel Goldwyn for The Best Years of Our Lives. Stuart Watson of The Theatre Royal, Haymarket, for Dorothea Baird and Herbert Tree. Sydney Box Ortus for The Seventh Veil. The Times for The Time of Your Life and Marrowbone Lane. Twentieth Century Fox Film Company for This Above All. Acknowledgements are also due to my daughter, Fanny Andrews, for her collaboration in the production of this book, and to G. W. Hynes, typographer to the printers. PRINTED BY HUNT, BARNARD AND COMPANY LTD. £A*GLAiMD lZ)A*M