The theater, the cinema and ourselves (1947)

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CONTENTS Lunch at the Club CHANGES i Exit the Actor 7 2 In dear King Edward's costume days 8 3 Descriptions and the Types depart 10 4 Showing off 1 1 CHALLENGES 5 Kings, Queens and suchlike 12 6 Modernizing Hamlet 13 7 Saroyan ib 8 Birth, Marriage and Death 18 9 "And the moral of that is— 19 SCHOOL-AGE 10 School-boys, yesterday and to-day 22 1 1 School-girls 25 12 The Pick-Up Girl 27 COMPARISONS 13 Tess, Tessa and Francesca 30 14 Trilby to-day 34 15 The Horsy Girl 37 16 Modern Cinderellas 37 THE YOUNG 17 Wilde had not reckoned with Angela WOMAN OF TO-DAY Lansbury 40 18 The English girl in uniform 42 19 "I am not that Peggy" 44 ENVOI 20 Celebrities pass — the Ellen Terrys remain 48 Postscript 5i