TV Guide (May 7, 1954)

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TV Teletype* NEW YORK Bob Stahl reports: New Lassie telefilm series takes over the Sunday-night-at-7:00 period on CBS starting next fall. What happens to Life with Father, currently occupying that time, hasn't been decided . . . It's definite now that STEVE ALLEN's new Tonight program, designed as a counterpart of DAVE GARROWAY's early-bird Today. starts in the fall from 11:30 P.M. to 1 A.M. five nights weekly. * * * After weeks of contract hassels with her sponsor, LORETTA YOUNG has been renewed for next season with her Letter to Loretta show . . . RED BUTTONS' future status, meanwhile, looks shaky. Despite a steady stream of new writers and a new format, RED's rating has been steadily dropping. As a result, his show may be canceled. NBC's newest affiliate station is YVKS-TV, in Caracas, VeneĀ¬ zuela. The station will receive NBC kinescopes and telefilm shows . . . Special half-hour Civil Defense show will be telecast on ABC June 12 as a prelude to the first Nation-wide civil defense test June 14 . . . Ca v alca de of Sports expected to use sports films as summer replacement for its Friday night fights. JIMMY POWERS signed to narrate a new 15-minute telefilm series, The Big Playb ack . . . The new variety program from Atlantic City's Steel Pier on ABC goes Sunday nights, starting either June 6 or 13. PAUL WHITEMAN will be featured. * * *. WALTER GREAZA, the Chief of T-Me n in Acti on, has reconsidered and will move to Hollywood to continue on the show when it switches to film next fall . . . AUDREY MEADOWS and RUSSELL NYPE signed as two of the panelists for a new quiz show, Wha t *s in a W ord, scheduled to debut on CBS in June. CLIFTON FADIMAN is modĀ¬ erator and PETER ARNELL will produce. HENRY SALOMON, JR., who produced Victory at Sea, working on four new documentaries for NBC. One, dealing with the A-bomb and H-bomb, will be titled "Fusion and Fission" . . . New Monday night boxing series from Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway starts May 17 on ABC. The show was formerly telecast on Du Mont. * * * Texaco, MILTON BERLE's ex-sponsor, returns in the fall with a new, half-hour version of Co medy Hour, complete with rotating stars and name guests . . . Planning far ahead, Studio One has scheduled for next Oct. 18 an original play entitled "The Boy Who Changed the World," depicting THOMAS A. EDISON's early years. It's to honor the 75th anniversary of the incandescent lamp. *Trade-mark, Teletype Corp. 3