TV Guide (October 9, 1954)

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as we see it As television swings into a promising new season, let us pause for a mo¬ ment and reflect soberly upon the dear departed summer. It was awful. Week of October 9-15 LOCAL PROGRAM GUIDE O pens Opposite Page 12 Contents TV' GUIDE W as it by design? Did the networks say to themselves (we rather imagine net¬ works talk to themselves between 4 and 4:30 A.M., when there’s no one else to talk to): “Let’s make summer TV as bad as possible, so that whatever we telecast in the fall will seem great by comparison ?” Or, as some suspect, is summer television an accident—a happenstance created by an off-season hibernation on the part of the in¬ dustry’s planning brains? We have it on good authority that viewers are awake during the summer months. They breathe, they eat, they love, they play parcheesi. But—and this is borne out by surveys—they watch little television. Perhaps it’s be¬ cause television is full of repeat films, silly parlor games and unimaginative whodunits during the summer. TELETYPES New York . 3 Hollywood . 4 SPECIAL PICTURE FEATURE Studio Tour Of 'I Love Lucy' . 5 ARTICLES How Berle Plans To Stay Out In Front . 8 M-m-m . . . MOM! .10 Don Porter, Beauty's Boss . 12 'Medic': Strong Medicine .16 Big Deal In Dubuque .18 CLOSE-UP Martin Kane In 'Big Town' .13 REVIEWS The Morning Show . 20 Hall Of Fame .21 Far be it from this humble magazine to suggest that networks schedule super-duper all-star shows during the heat waves. We do, however, feel that summer is not a time to repeat programs seen the previous winter, nor to kill a half hour through some other easy expedient. Summer is a time to develop NEW shows, NEW ideas, NEW concepts of television. The air is too full of sponsors in the fall and winter to experiment. But if the air is crowded with repeats and non¬ sense during the summer—when can new ideas be developed? It is not too early, then, to start plan¬ ning next summer’s shows now. The networks say they have files full of ideas. We’d like to see some of them next summer. TV SNACKS Dayton, Ohio: TV Porcupines .22 TELEQUIZ Who's Whose? .23 Vol. 2, No. 41 • Oct. 9. 1954 #080 Walter H. Annenberg, Editor Merrill Panitt, Managing Editor Michael J, O’Neill, Advertising Director James T. Quirk, Publisher TV GUIDE is published weekly by Trisngle Publications, Inc., 400 N, Broad Street, Philadelphia 1, Pa. Rlltenhouse 6-1600. National Advertising Office, 488 Madison Ave , New York 22, N. Y. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Philadelphia. Pa. Subscription Rales: In the U. S. 1 year 85.00, 2 years 88.00,3 years 811.00, single copy 15c; In Can¬ ada 1 year 86.00,2 years 810.00,3 years 814.00; in Pan-Air" ican Countri ’-"" *-*-**’ ountries 1 year 87.00, 2 years 812.00, 3 y« s 817.00; years 820.00. & Address Subscriptions and changes of address to Box 8019, Philadelphia 1, Pa.