TV Guide (February 12, 1955)

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What Happens Every Saturday ductor Raymond Scott. And later— from 4 P.M. until dawn, if neces¬ sary—in choreographer Tony Char- moli’s apartment, every bit of action is planned. Tuesday: detailed instructions to technical staff, costumer, set construc¬ tion and prop men. Lounsbery and Nichols begin planning the next show. “At this point,” says Nichols, “the cycle really begins to get vicious.” Wednesday: dancers rehearse. Thursday: soloists rehearse. Friday: orchestra rehearses with soloists and chorus. Saturday: cast moves into Radio City’s Studio 8H for rehearsal, changes, polishing, more rehearsal. At 6:30 P.M.: run-through; 9 P.M.: dress rehearsal; 10:30 P.M.: to everyone’s amazement —on the air! Gisele MacKenzie sings 'Let Me Go, Lover' to spiderlike suitor testing prop web.