TV Guide (April 16, 1955)

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RE VI EWS I Love Lucy What else? Lucy faints into the arms of Wil¬ liam Holden, first film star she meets. the madcap housewife, eager not only to further her husband’s career but also to break into show business herself. She continues to rank with the best of TV’s comediennes. Desi is great as the harassed Ricky Ricar¬ do, continually blowing his Cuban top at Lucy’s shenanigans. And full credit goes to Frawley and Miss Vance as the show’s second bananas. The Lucy writing staff also rates deep bows for its contributions. The writers have come up with some really funny situations. Remember the stars’ adventures in a flea-bitten mo¬ tel down South, Ethel playing the great Broadway star for her home¬ town cronies and Lucy swooning when she meets her first movie star (William Holden) in person? Besides Holden, the show boasts such guests as Hedda Hopper, Ten¬ nessee Ernie Ford (return engage¬ ment) and some movie wives. They’ve all helped Lucy regain lost momen¬ tum.— R.S.