TV Guide (September 17, 1955)

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Nail-biter: pressure of directing 'The Diamond Curtain' shows clearly in John Newland's nervous concentration. No detail too small: he checks an actress' hair-do. Working Up An Appetite Actor John Newland Finds Directing Rugged Quite possibly the most familiar face among the scores that have appeared during the past five and a half years in the cast of Robert Montgomery Presents belongs to John Newland. Since the Montgomery show first went on the air in the spring of 1949, Newland has turned up a’ the studio with the consistency of the milkman He has been seen on the program more than 3C times, cast as playboy, war correspondent, stuffy husband, maladjusted veteran, absentminded pro¬ fessor and understanding brother-in-law. “In fact,” says Newland, “I’ve played everything but second base.” Right now, however, Newland’s face is being seen behind the cameras more often than in front 10 Rehearsal over, he still has strength to eat. ^