TV Guide (June 18, 1955)

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as we see it We heartily endorse the suggestion of Dr. Frank Stanton, president of CBS, that a Comprehensive, impartial, na¬ tionwide study be made to learn what the public expects of television. As Dr. Stanton outlined the project his network is prepared to finance, the study would be made by a “pub¬ lic committee,” made up of “distin¬ guished members of the public repre¬ senting all major fields.” Unlike publications which cover tele¬ vision only occasionally, and which have firm opinions on all phases of the mediiim, TV GUIDE has many doubts. For example, we frankly don’t know whether drastic new program¬ ming concepts are needed; we don’t know whether sponsors lean too much or too little upon the rating services; we don’t know whether the public is entirely happy with the general TV fare it is receiving. We do not doubt the validity of the Nielsen, ARB, Pulse and Trendex rat¬ ing organizations. They measure what the public watches. They do not—and cannot—^measure whether a viewer watches a particular show because he likes it or because he dislikes it less than other shows on at the same time. Since TV GUIDE is devoted exclu¬ sively to television, we receive thou¬ sands of letters from readers each month indicating their program pref¬ erences. Letters, however, do not con¬ stitute a scientific cross section of our readers or of the television audience. A thorough, accurate study by a re¬ sponsible organization is certainly needed—not to guarantee that all pro¬ grams will have mass appeal, but to pave the way for an even greater va¬ riety of programming than we have today. CONTENTS WEEK OF JUNE 18-24 Local Program Guide Opens Opposite Page 12 TELETYPES New York . 3 Hollywood .23 ARTICLES Wfcot Makes Fon C/ubs Tick?.. Quiz Show With A Big Payoff... Happy Father's Hour, Daddy . Truman To Truman . In The Cast: Mary Fickett . Educational TV: Schoolhouse Of The Air . CLOSE-UP Gordon MacRae Returns To Youth..15 PICTURE FEATURE Godfrey Day At Coney Island .20 REVIEWS Ted Mack's Matinee . 13 The Name's The Same . 14 COLUMNS Fine Tuning • By Ollie Crawford..14 Confidentially . . . By Earl Wilson .22 Cover Photo By John Engstead Vol. 3. No. 25 • June 18. 1955 Issue #118 . 4 . 7 . 8 .10 .12 .18 Walter H. Annenberg, Cdtfor Merrill Ponilt, Managing editor Alexander H. Joseph, Auoeiate Editor Horry Harris, Associote Editor Oliver H. Crawford, Programming Editor Michael J. O’Neill, Advertising Director Donald P. Kahn, Promotion Director Henry H. Oschay, Circulation Director James T. Quirk, Publisher TV GUIDE is puMished weekly by Triantle Publications, Inc., «0 H. Broad Sheet, Philadelphia 1, Pa. Rlttenhouse 6-1600. Natioaal Advorlisint Oflke, 4SS Madison Ave., New York 22, H. V. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Philadelphia. Pa. Subscription Rales: In the U. S. 1 $5.00,2 years 18.00,3 years SII.OO, siii)^ upyTsc; lit ada 1 year $6.00.2 years $10.m. 3 years $14.80; in Pan-Amer¬ ican Countries 1 year $7.00, 2 years $1200, 3 years $17.00; In other Foreign Counhies 1 year $8.00, 2 years $14.00,3 years $20.00. Ctmyright 1955 by Triangle Publications, Ir No material in TV GUIDE, induding pror - may be roprinlod without permission ot It Address subscriptions and changes of address to Box 8019, Philadelphia 1, Pa. Please allow four weeks for change of address.