TV Guide (June 18, 1955)

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TV Teletype I NEW YORK I Bob Stahl reports; NBC won't revive Its Saturday Night Review this sunimer. The Soldiers , live situation comedy starring HAL MARCH and TOM D'AN- CftteA, replaces the MICKEY ROONEY show Instead . . . And The Dm - nlnger Show , featuring the so-called ''mental 1st," takes over the So This Is Hollywood spot . . . NBC president PAT WEAVER hopes to have NBC finance a Broadway show or two, televising the open¬ ing night, which would give It a ready-made ''spectacular"—and, naturally, publicize the show for NBC's benefit. * * * CBS signed NAT (KING) COLE for 10 guest appearances ... An audition pilot In the works for chubby comedian JACK E. LEONARD . . . FELIX JACKSON, Studio One producer, spending his vacation writing a novel dealing with Sen¬ ate Investigations . . . WALTER O'KEEFE subs for GARRY MOORE during GARRY's six-week vacation this summer. * * * DENNIS JAMES and his Chance of a Lifetime move from Du Mont to Sunday nights on ABC starting July 3. That means Stork Club will be reduced from 45 minutes to a half hour Instead of being expanded to a full hour, as planned . . . NBC planning an on-the- spot documentary about the Navy, originating from San Diego, Cal., for Its Producers' Showcase July 25. - T~T~* FRED ALLEN guests on the July 5 premiere of The Orson Bean Show . BEAN'S father, a policeman on the Harvard University campus. Is sending ORSON material for the program, which Is to be a whimsical affair based on New England humor . . . JOHNNY CARSON'S new comedy show takes over the Public Defender period starting June 30. * * * NORMAN FELTON, director of Robert Montgomery Presents for sev¬ eral years, leaving NBC to direct l3 of the new U.S. Steel Hour shows on CBS. DAN PETRIE directs 13 and SIDNEY EUMfiT,' l3“ . . ALEX SEGAL, Steel 's director last season, leaving ABC because of contractual differences. Both CBS and NBC have put In bids, but there's a good chance he may team up with ALFRED HITCHCOCK, either for HITCHCOCK'S upcoming TV series or for movies. * * * GORE ("Visit to a Small Planet") VIDAL continues as TV's busiest writer. Besides adapting "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" for Climax'. , he's signed to do several Pontiac "Theater scripts next season and another TV Playhouse show. He's also been asked to write a movie for Hechc-Lancaster, the outfit that produced TV's "Marty" as a feature. * * * NBC to televise baseball's all-star game July 12 from Milwau¬ kee as the first In a string of summertime sports events, In¬ cluding the college all-star professional football game from Chicago Aug. 12, the Tam O'Shanter golf tournament Aug. l4, the Davis Cup finals and U.S. National Tennis Championships. •Trade-mark, Teletype Corp. Continued on Intide Back Cover