TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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Martha Raye In Focus What Happened When She Posed For Some Not-So-Still Photographs Martha Raye sat in the artificial light of the photographer’s studio. Around her, crouching like acolytes before some priestess of an obscure cult, were several others. They included the photographer, the photographer’s wife and a youthful assistant; Nick Condos, Martha’s manager and former husband; a brace of press agents—and, in the background, a man identified by Condos only as “Al.” “Meet Al,” he said genially, “the best croupier in Las Vegas.” “And now,” the photographer said, “mes amis, if you please, I must have your attention.” Ice tinkled in Condos’ glass. “Martha’s very cooperative,” Condos said. “She hates to have her picture taken, but she’ll do anything to please.” Martha climbed upon a table and danced a small gavotte. Her legs were slim and shapely. Flash bulbs banged. “Tres bien,” the photographer said. “Very fine indeed.” “Martha,” someone said, “this Phil Silvers, is he hurting your show?” Funnyman Silvers, with his new filmed half-hour CBS show, is wrestling with NBC’s Martha Raye Show every third Tuesday night on TV. “T haven’t seen the show,” she said. “They say it’s funny. Phil is one of the funniest ....” “Now wait a minute,” Condos interrupted, waving his cigar at the questioner. “Now wait a minute here. I'll tell you about Phil Silvers. Phil Silvers got our writer, that’s what Phil Silvers got. He got Nat Hiken. Phil Silvers got the drum-beaters pounding their tambourines all over town for his show. We got nothing.” Condos stopped talking and glared about the room. “So what happens?” Condos paused again. “So we clobbered him in the ratings. Clobbered, clobbered, clobbered!” “Phil’s all right,” Martha interrupted Martha Raye and Melodye: ‘Mommy, why don‘t you ever run down?’ hastily. “Phil Silvers is a very fine comedian. I’m not going to knock the other fellow’s act.” Condos stared into his glass. “Martha’s right,’ he said finally. “We got nothing against Phil Silvers. We just got a better show. continued 5