TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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ee re a ee er es ee the subject with the boys’ mothers and with Evelyn Beyer, director of Child Guidance at Smith College. (Film) (Postponed from last week.) ©) This Is the Life “The Loveless Heart. Story of the extreme a@ man can be driven to when his. brotherin-law’s bitterness grows into intense hate. 2:30 @3 My Favorite Husband George Cooper finds himself in hot water NOVEMBER 27 off jury duty. © Zoo Parade Marlin Perkins travels to the Philadelphia zoological gardens to discuss ‘Cats of the: World.” Director Freeman Shelley guides™ us around the zoo’s new carnivora house® where we see such unusual “cats as ae black serval, a snow leopard, Siberian? tigers and a clouded leopard. (Philadel-@ phia) when he accepts a friend’s offer to get him Viewers Digest. 4:00 © SEE IT NOW — Edward R. Murrow THE NATION’S. SCHOOLS Modern School: Tyler, Texas Tomorrow the White House Conference on Education will convene in Washington. Among the matters it must touch on are the topics of See It Now's 90-minute film documentary today — school facilities, and the availability of good teachers. 1. A Typical Community The citizens of Jefferson County, Colo.,just ; this month voted on a proposed bond issue of $7,775,000 to be earmarked for education. Behind the Proposition are two figures: 12,300, this suburban county's school population in 1952; and 20,000, its school population today. The cameras look into many of the makeshift struc tures being used as schoolrooms. They introduce the propo nents of new buildings and their opinions; and the Oppo nents and their opinions. 2. Federal Aid to Education Rep. Ralph Gwinn (R., N.Y.), who opposes such aid, debates the issues with Sen. Lister Hill (D., Ala.), who favors it. 3. Some Solutions Bay City, Mich., has enlisted the aid of housewives to’ help the teachers with their chores, and free them for more purely educational tasks. William Caudill, Texan architect, has cre ated some revolutionary school designs, with considerable use of glass to increase light and space. Edward R. Murrow narrates the program, produced by him self and Fred W. Friendly. Show pre-empts Omnibus, usually seen at this time. Rep. Ralph W. Gwinn Architect William Caudill TV GUIDE A9