TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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© Life of Riley—Comedy @) You Asked for it 6:30 @J Private Secretary—Comedy In order to give Vi a chance to prove herself, Susie agrees to switch jobs. Susie: Ann Sothern. Mr. Sands: Don Porter. Vi: Ann Tyrrell. © Frontier © MOVIE—Western “Fighting Men.” @) Famous Film Festival “Tight Little Island’ concerns the people of a little Scottish island who have a prodigious devotion to the bottle. But with the coming of war, gloom descends upon the islanders—there’s no whiskey to be had. Until one miraculous day when a ship is wrecked on the rocks nearby. Its cargo—thousands of cases of spirits! All the resources of this thirsty folk are now pooled to spirit the spirits ashore in defiance of the vigilant minions of the lawThis is the TV debut of this 1949 English feature film. Interestingly enough a small role in the movie is played by Compton Mackenie, author of the novel on which the film is based, and co-author of the screenplay. Cast Capt. Paul Waggett ............ Basil Radford Peggy Macroon ............... Joan Greenwood Capt. Buncher ........... Compton Mackenzie NTS. e Widgdett .. ce c kike Catherine Lacey Mrsccampbelle yu: eh 0 Jean Cadell Dr. MacLaren ....... James Robertson Justice pergeant Odd. ees tases, Bruce Seton Joseph Macroon ..0...0...00..0..... Wylie Watson Catriona Macroon ........... Gabrielle Blunt George Campbell ............ Gordon Jackson TneyBInete fo te Morland Graham 7:00 @} ED SULLIVAN SHOW Ed’s got the red carpet out for: Songstress Pearl Bailey, who recently completed a role in Bob Hope’s film “That Certain Feeling’; Comedian Dick Shawn; “The Goofers,“ comedy vocal, instrumental group; the Princeton Triangle Club in scenes from its annual show; Collier’s AllAmerican football team. Opera star Licia Albanese and her three-year-old son TV GUIDE 7:30 ©) MAYOR OF THE TOWN 8:00 @} G.E. THEATER NOVEMBER 27 Joseph Gimma III perform a scene fro “Madam Butterfly.”’ VARIETY HOUR A young engineer arrives in town with h bride, who is beautiful but not terribl bright. Marilly decides to take her in hand (Film) @ ALCOA HOUR Melvyn Douglas stars in “Thunder i Washington,’”” by David Davidson. Inspire by recent capital-ci‘y doings, th's is the story of a_ successful businessman who comes to work for the government. He tries to use his new-found influence to benefit the private business in which he still has an interest. Cast Charles Turner .........5.., Melvyn Douglas "Rep. Kilker (ooo ho An ares Ed Begley Martin Hobbes 0... James Gregory Joo Horton 30306 oe Russell Collins Mr. Meadows ............... Howard St. John (continued) ED SULLIVAN presents Collier's ALL-AMERICA FOOTBALL TEAM Sun., Nov. 27, 7 P.M. Channel @ Sponsored by YOUR paren DEALER YOUR LINCOLN DEALER