TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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Laura President * eee Luis Van Rooten Jennie 68S gataaakenwees Susan Halloran © MR. AND MRS. NORTH Their 12-year-old nephew, “Little Jace,” helps Pam and Jerry North in tracking down a murderer. (Film) CHANCE OF A LIFETIME 8:30 @} ALFRED HITCHCOCK Peter Lawford stars as a charming rascal in “The Long Shot.” In debt and looking for a way to recoup his gambling losses, the rogue answers an ad for a companion to a visiting Englishman. (Film( . .. Mr. Hitchcock’s TV handiwork is reviewed in next week’s TV Guide. Cast Charlie Raymond ................ Peter Lawford Walker D. Hendricks ............ John Williams Marguerite Stoddard ....Gertrude Hoffman Matthew Kelson ................ Robert Warwick Mahe: ae ten es ecw a ace toen Frank Gerstle Tommy De Witt ................ Charles Cantor Bartender)... ashes ese Tim Graham @) MOVIE—Drama “Black Glove.” Alex Nicol. @) TED MACK AMATEURS Host Ted Mack salutes the city of Manchester, N.H., Tonight’s talent includes: the Willowy Sisters, Calypso singers of Jamaica, L.I., N.Y., who sing “Hold ‘Em Joe”; tenor Henry Mclilvaine of New York, who sings “Largo Al Factotem”. from ‘’Barber of Seville’; ventriloquist Catherine Dearholt of Baltimore, Md.; a boy and girl team, “The Dancing Fools”; and trombonist Carol Ann Malone of Grayson, Ky. PANAVISION DIALS are here and Gruen’s got ’em! GRUEN-the newest look in time! The Gruen Watch Company, Time Hill, Cincinnati 6, Ohio. A-12 Audra Lindley NOVEMBER 27 9:00 @} MURRAY WARMATH @ LORETTA YOUNG “Across the Plaza” stars Margaret Hayes and Gerald Mohr. A newspaperwoman and her fiance find themselves involved in a Central American revolution. To further complicate things, her former sweetheart shows up in town. (Film) Tonight’s hostess is Dinah Shore. Cast Julie Vaughn « Margaret Hayes EllictiSayerncs oe hee Gerald Mohr Senor Juan Romero ............ Peter De Sale Bul Walker. icc Sees Richard Webb @) MOVIE—Drama “Lost Boundaries.” (1949) A white-skinned Negro couple decide to pass as a. white couple in a small New England community. Beatrice Pearson, Mel Ferrer. 9:30 @3 MOVIE—Drama “The Stranger.” After the defeat of the Nazi, a mysterious and dynamic professor turns up in a small New England town. Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young. @ SHERLOCK HOLMES-Mystery This case finds Holmes in jail and Lestrade and Watson caught trying to pick the lock on the door to a marriage bureau. (Film) 10:00 @3 MOVIE—Drama NEWS ©) THE FALCON—Mystery British intelligence assigns the Falcon to rescue a beautiful girl being held as a political hostage by a neo-Nazi group. (Film) 10:15 Gj MAN WHO WAS THERE 10:30 ¢& IT’S A GREAT LIFE ©) MOVIE—Drama "Young Widow.” A young newspaperwoman, widowed by ihe war, encounters a fresh pilot. Jane Russell, Louis Hayward. @) NEWS—Sevareid 10:45 Gj MOVIE—Drama "Vagabond Lady.” Robert Young, Evelyn Venable. 11:00 @ Les Paul and Mary Ford 11:05 Gj MOVIE—Drama “Immediate Disastor.”’ 11:45 @ Playhouse 15 Election day in a small town takes on added importance. TV GUIDE