TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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Mataines Program on Page A-13 AFTERNOON 12:00 @3 G@ NEws Casey Jones @® Weather Amy Vanderbilt Main Street—Music Magic Living Love Story NEWS—Paul Sevareid Exclusive—Bee Baxter Movie Quick Quiz Robert Q. Lewis a_i and NN wD = on -_ wo °o . e od wd a_i » » w ua wn 6895660868 1:00 “1 Still Get Jealous” ........... Judy Johnson, Robert Q., Don Liberto “Forgive My Hearts): eis, Merv Griffin ~ Audience Participation ............ Robert Q., Audience @ Reserved Seat @) Flamingo Theater 1:30 @} Art Linkletter—Variety Today’s guest is singer Darla Hood, former child star of the ‘Our Gang” series. Art also emcees the game ‘What's in the House?” @ Cash and Carry 2:00 @3 The Big Payoff—Quiz See the Sequins on P. 16. © Matinee Theater “One for the Road,” by Ellis St. Joseph. A man who left his wife and infant son turns up years later. He drops in for a visit at the home of his now married son and grandchildren. His sudden appearance and penchant for gambling wreak havoc in his son’s home. @ MOVIE—Drama “Bombay Waterfront.” (English; 1953) Paul Temple and his wife are called in to expose a murderer known only as “The Marquis.” John Bentley, Patricia Dainton. 2:30 G3 Bob Crosby Show—Music “Rosalie” ....... Bob, Modernaires, Bobcats “Cry Me a River” oo... Carol Richards “Lazybones” ....... Bob, Charley Teagarden “‘Pepper-Hot Baby” .................. Modernaires “You Never Have to Stand Alone iy ean Gaeta kee ek, Bob Crosby NOVEMBER 28 3:00 @9 Brighter Day Rey. Dennis confers with Lucius Devereaux and Ed Eldridge on plans to bring in a new minister, Blair Davies. © Date With Life—Serial Editor Tom Bradley (Mark Roberts) introduces today’s episode. Anne goes away to be alone. Barbara O‘Neil. 3:15 GJ} Secret Storm @ To Be Announced 3:30 @} On Your Account @& Mr. Sweeney “Heads | Win, Tails You Lose.’ Kippie learns that friends are just as close when we share them with others. Jimmy Baird, Charles Ruggles. (Hollywood) 3:45 @ Modern Romances A young girl, her spoiled father and a cab driver are trapped by a flood in a hilltop home. Martha Scott introduces this Anne Howard Bailey story. 4:00 @} Around the Town—Haeberle © Pinky Lee Daily Drama © Gp J. P. Patches 3 4:30 Roy Rogers—Western Roy and his pal, Frog, are responsible for the passage of a flood control bill which will save the homes and ranches of their many friends and neighbors. @ Howdy Doody Carnival Cal’s circus opens at last. Benny the Bengal Tiger escapes? ©) 9-Teens Wayzata School. @) Skipper Darl 5:00 € Famous Playhouse Strange circumstances surround ihe shooting of an intruder in a wel-to-do home. The woman who fired the shot asks her husband and her sister to help her dispose of the body and avoid scandal. @) Mickey Mouse Club 1. Newsreel: Hold Your Hats; Pets from the Forest; The First Step; The Little Weaver; Happy Birthday George. 2. Mouseketeers present “Fun with Music Day”: “Mickey Mouse Mambo” and “I’m a British Grenadier.” 3. “Spin and Marty’ episode: “Rope Artist.” 4. Cartoon: ‘Winter.’ A-14 TV GUIDE