TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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5:30 @J Axel and His Dog @ Follow That Man The owner of a gambling club and brother of a man on trial for murder tries to keep Mike Barnett from testifying for the prosecution. 5:55 @} © Weather EVENING 6:00 @} G@ NEWS. © MOVIE—Mystery “The Scarlet Claw.’ A deadly monster is believed roaming the marshes. Sherlock Holmes investigates when an English Lady is found murdered Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Crusader Rabbit 6:05 a Weatherbird—Zimmerman 6:10 @} SPORTS @ News 6:15 G3} Gp NEWS @ You Should Know 6:30 G3 Robin Hood One of Robin’s men visits his family in a nearby village and is seized and accused of murder. Maid Marian and Friar Tuck help Robin rescue the man. © Tony Martin—Music Tony’s songs will include popular numbers based on classics, he sings “‘There’s No Tomorrow,” “Hold Me in Your Heart’ and “Here.” The Interludes offer the Habanera from “Carmen.” David Rose and his orchestra. (Hollywood) @) Superman 6:45 @ NEWS 7:00 @3 BURNS AND ALLEN Gracie’s intervention in a quarrel between an artist and his jealous wife only leads to trouble for the Burnses and the Mortons. (Film) G@ CAESAR’S HOUR Get TUMS Double Relief for ACID INDIGESTION STILL AT ORS ee a, Why let excess stomach ONLY Cony) 10) acidity spoil your sleep? 4 0 as millions do—take A ROLLY —Z 2TUMSasa''nightcap.”’ TV GUIDE NOVEMBER 28 The Victors and their pals learn to their dismay that a little rumor, well planted and carefully cultivated, can bloom forth in alarming proportions. Sid’s joined by Nan eite Fabray, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris, Sandra Deel nad Ellen Parker. Production numbers features Nan, Sandra and the Ted Cappy dancers. @) TV READERS DIGEST “If | Were Rich” is a comedy about the effect of $100,000 on a shoe clerk’s family. Holder of the winning sweepstakes ticket, © the clerk is beset by his brother-in-law, and eventually—income taxes. (Film) 7:30 G3 GODFREY TALENT SCOUTS Is Arthur grooming an heir to take over when he retires? See the story in next week’s TV Guide. Arthur’s back and the talent scouts have brought him—professional performers trying for their big break in show biz. ‘© MY LITTLE MARGIE A plot to stymie Margie’s romance with her boyfriend, Freddie, backfires on Vern. (Film) @) CONCERT—Barlow Two soloists tonight: Nadine Conner, soprano, and Eugene Conley, tenor. Howard Barlow conducts the orchestra. Program Mr. Conley “Che Gelida Manina”’ (‘’Boheme”) Puccini Miss Conner “Mi Chiamano Mimi” (“Boheme”) . Puccini Duets “© Soave Fanciulla’’ (“Boheme”) ..Puccini "Give Me One Hour” ........... Rudolf Friml Orchestra Prelude, “La Boheme” .................... Puccini “Pinlatidiate ee erect Sone Sibelius 8:00 Ce | LOVE LUCY Ricky is dismayed to learn he signed to appear at a rodeo, not on a radio show. FIRST | THEN! TUMS GIVE fi TUMS GIVE YOU FAST YOU PROLONGED RELIEF! RELIEF!