TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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Lucy, still hoping for her chance in show buinsess, offers to help out with a Western act, (Film) @ MEDIC “Glass of Fear’ deals with hypochondria. A successful cartoonist imagines he suffers from many ailments. With the aid of a doctor, his wife tries to help him overcome his fear. (Film) G@} BOXING—St. Nick’s Bobby Courchesne, Springfield, Mass., vs. Mignel Berrios, San Juan, Puerto Rico, featherweights, 10 rounds. Chris Schenkel reports from St. Nicholas Arena, New York City. TV GUIDE RATINGS Rating Bouts W L_ D KO's Courchesne Unrated 41 35 4 2 15 Berrios Unrated 16 12 4 O 1 Berrios, the former amateur star, should give Courchesne a busy evening. Both fighters like to mix and should put up a scrap that will please the fans. Compiled by Nat Fleischer (The Ring) Gi) VIEWPOINT 8:30 @3 DECEMBER BRIDE In an effort to keep Ruth and Matt from pestering her about not dating, Lily invents a phantom sweetheart who sends_ her flowers. (Film) G ROBERT MONTGOMERY George Voskovec stars in ‘End of the Rainbow,” by Theodore and Mathilde Ferro. A factory worker learns from his immigrant brother that there are two kinds of Iron Curtains. MEDICAL HORIZONS Boston’s Children’s Medical Center houses a special Adolescent Clinic. Here teen-agers receive atiention for their emotional as well as medical and surgical problems. 8:45 @} AFTER THE BRAWL 9:00 @} STUDIO ONE—Drama Comedian Alan Young and songstress Gisele MacKenzie co-star in “The Man Who Caught the Ball at Coogan’s Bluff,” by Rod Sterling. George was a shy and unsung government worker when he entered the ball park. But after making that spectacular bleachers catch of a home-run ball, he TV GUIDE NOVEMBER 28 was a national hero, and shy no longer. ©) MOVIE—Drama “The Black Glove.” Alex Nicol. SPORTSMAN’S ROUNDTABLE 9:30 G@ BADGE 714—Jack Webb GOPHER LOWDOWN 9:45 ]) TOP SECRET 10:00 @} SCIENCE FICTION THEATER @ News 10:15 WEATHER—Morris PATTI PAGE—Music SPORTS—Dick Nesbitt NEWS—Rollie Johnson RACKET SQUAD’ A department store racket played with other people’s charge accounts. (Film) NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS @ MOVIE—Drama “The Young Mr. Pitt.” (English) The story of political career of William Pitt, who became Prime Minister of England at 24. Robert Donat, Robert Morley. 10:40 @§} WEATHER TOWER—Kraehling 10:45 @3 DATELINE EUROPE 10:55 ©} MOVIE—Drama “Meet the Missus.” Trouble develops for the whole family when one of the younger members loses $5,000 in bonds during an errand, Roscoe Karns, Ruth Donnelly. 11:00 @§ Tonight—Steve Allen Steve, Gene Rayburn, Skitch Henderson and singers Pat Kirby and Andy Williams join in the fun. 11:15 @J Les Paul and Mary Ford 11:20 @3 SPORTS—Dick Enroth 11:25 GJ Police Call 12:00 € Midnight-Kent 10:20 10:30 Ee