TV Guide (November 26, 1955)

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Morning Program on Page A-13 AFTERNOON 12:00 @} G NEws @) Casey Jones 12:15 @ Weather 12:20 @J Pastor’s Study © Main Street—Music 12:30 Gj @ Love Story NEWS—Paul Sevareid 12:45 @ Exclusive—Bee Baxter @ Movie Quick Quiz 1:00 @} Robert Q. Lewis “1 Want You to Be My Baby” Merv Griffin “Cry Me a River”... Judy Johnson Madcap Inventions ................... Robert Q. “Silver Moon” .............. ... Earl Wrightson, Lois Hunt @& Baby Time @) Beulah @ Reserved Seat C9 Art Linkletter—Variety 1:15 1:30 Keep a jump ahead of baby! WATCH Baby Time with JANE WARREN, R.N. Dr. W. rp Bauer of the A.M.A. Tues. & Thurs. 1:00 P.M. CHANNEL @& Sponsored by LIBBY’S BABY FOODS in cooperation with the American Medical Ass’n. A-18 NOVEMBER 29 Edith Head presides over a maternity fashion show. Art Linkletter is the host. @) Cash and Carry 2:00 ¢3 Se The Big Payoff Matinee Theater “The Touchstone,” from the novel by Edith Wharton. A once successful writer, who now verges on the alcoholic, makes one last attempt to sell his latest work. When this fails, he must decide which is more important, personal integrity or money. Cast Stephen scsk ceo en i cee Don Briggs Alexa tein eee Frances Robinson Dexters ait ees hs Anthony Eustrel @ MOVIE—Drama “Captain Sirocco.” Louis Hayward. 2:30 @3 Bob Crosby Show “Love and Marriage” “One Way Heart” 000.00... Joan O’Brien “Sleepy Little Space Cadet’ | Modernaires “Autumn Leaves” ......0..0...... Bob Crosby 3:00 @3 Brighter Day Donald furthers his plans to frame Lydia. © Date With Life 3:15 @} Secret Storm To Be Announced 3:30 @} On Your Account Mr. Sweeney ‘May and December.” Cicero almost lands in vaudeville. Charles Ruggles. (Hollywood) 3:45 € Modern Romances Refugees, among them a pregnant woman, appear at the house. 4:00 @} Around the Town—Haeberle Pinky Lee Daily Drama J. P. Patches Roy Rogers—Western Howdy Doody Clarabell and Mr. Bluster set a trap for the mysterious man in black. ©) 9-Teens @) Skipper Darl 5:00 G@ Famous Playhouse @ Mickey Mouse Club 1. Meet Sooty: “Doll House.” 2. Mouseketeers present ‘Gust Star Day”: Judy Marsh and Donald Novis. 3. “Spin and 4:30 TV GUIDE