TV Guide (November 19, 1955)

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TV Teletype’ NEW YORK Bob Stahl reports: _ %, ~~ “ o a a JACKIE GLEASON has suspended filming on his Honeymooners until Dec. 13. Official explanation is that the Se which has been filming two episodes each week since August, is overworked, and GLEASON decided to give everybody a vacation now instead of in January as originglly planned. GLEASON and CBS insist that Honeymooners will continue on film and will not shift to live, as has been rumored. * * ¥ Honeymooners, in fact, picked up a rating point over the competing Perry Como Show in the latest Trendex report, although COMO's first half-hour was still almost 10 points ahead of the omer re Stage Show. z F % & NBC's The Big Surprise doubled its rating the night that New York Police Lt. BARNEY ARLUCK tried for and missed the $100,000 Jackpot. Its rating was 15.3, compared to 19.5 for CBS' Beat the Clock . . . MAUREEN ARTHUR, 20-year-old blonde singer from St. Louis and first winner of GARRY MOORE's talent search, may join GARRY's show. * * * In the biggest sale yet of a TV play to the movies, ROBERT ALAN AURTHUR will receive $100,000, plus a percentage of the profits, for his "Shadow of a Champ," telecast originally on TV Playhouse. The movie will star KIRK DOUGLAS. : %* & * DAN DAILEY set to star in “Wonderful World," original musical comedy by ARTHUR SCHWARTZ and HOWARD DIETZ, which is scheduled for Ford Star Jubilee around Christmas . . . STEVE ALLEN adding to his many chores by lecturing at literary teas since the pub_lication of his short stories, "Fourteen for Tonight." * * * IMOGENE COCA talking with MAX LIEBMAN again about appearing in one of his spectaculars next spring. It would be their first reunion since Your Show of Shows . . There is apparently no chance that SID CAEGAR might join them to make s a real old-time get-together. * TYRONE POWER, set for a LIEBMAN review next spring, also may star in an original musical for Producers! Showcase, with KAY STARR and LOUIS ARMSTRONG, in March or April .. . On Christmas Day, You Are There presents "Washington Crossing the Delaware" ~-exactly 179 years after it happened . . . On Dec. 4 Wide Wide World's “American Rhapsody" offers "roads leading to music. earners ** * While New York's Mayor ROBERT WAGNER has been arguing with his police commissioner over the opening of the Police Department files for TV programs, BRODERICK CRAWFORD jumped the gun by obtaining permission to base some of his Highway Patrol episodes on New York police files. *Trade-mark, Teletype Corp. 3 Continued on Inside Back Cover