TV Guide (August 13, 1955)

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The Search GOES ON This is Howard, a 'lone wolf' and juvenile delinquent, as he was seen on The Search. A New Lease On Life Looms For Program That Studies Man And His Many Problems Back in 1952, CBS began to dream about a new program, to be called The Search, based on outstanding re¬ search projects being done by leading universities. One network visionary said it would be “the most ambitious and productive effort yet undertaken in the field of educational television.” The official prospectus described it as “a search for truth . . . but also a search that leads us down strange new pathways to greater understand¬ ing and better living for all.” After two years of planning and preparation. The Search made its TV debut on Oct. 17, 1954, with a visit to Dr. Wendell Johnson’s renowned 18