TV Guide (August 20, 1955)

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as we see it Marriage certainly is a matter of give and take. If you doubt it, take a look at the long-awaited, but only recently consummated, marriage of television and the motion picture industry. Tele¬ vision gives, and the movie people take. And take. And take. For some reason that escapes us now, but which must have been im¬ portant at the time, television net¬ works considered it imperative that major movie studios become inter¬ ested in TV. Maybe the TV lads had an inferiority complex. Maybe they felt they wouldn’t be big-time until Hollywood recognized them. CONTENTS WEEK OF AUGUST 20-26 Local Program Guide Opens Opposite Page 12 OUlDlJ TELETYPES N»w York . 3 Hollywood . 23 ARTICLES The $6'4,000 Question . 4 Do It Yourself: How To Make A Lamp . 12 The Fifth Network .16 It's Crosby All The Way .20 CLOSE-UP Frankie Laine: Godfrey's Pinch Hitter .13 Well, it took a long time, but it hap¬ pened. Ed Sullivan cracked the Hol¬ lywood fortress by the simple ex¬ pedient of granting one studio after another an hour of time to praise its wares. Other programs picked up Ed’s technique and soon entire shows were being devoted, not to one studio, but to one movie. Television had added another feather to its creative cap. It had discovered how to do a one-hour trailer for an hour-and-a-half movie. And all for free—the sponsors paid; not the movie people who were doing the promoting. Walt Disney was the only one who produced his own trail¬ ers and had the ingenuity to make them first-rate entertainment. It is time TV and TV sponsors stopped playing patsy for the movies. A short plug for a film just completed by a performer is to be expected. De¬ voting an entire TV program to movie advertising, however, is too much tribute to pay for the dubious honor of being recognized by Hollywood. The long, long trailers may make for inter-industry harmony, but most viewers prefer entertainment on their TV screens. PICTURE FEATURES Hot Music In a Cool Pool . 8 And Not Even An 'Ouchl' .10 REVIEWS Caesar Presents . 18 The Johnny Carson Show .19 COLUMNS Fine Tuning • By Ollie Crawford ..19 Confidentially . . . By Sheilah Graham .22 Covtr Photo By Sarrott-Howard Vot. 3. No. 34 . Aug. 20. 1955 Issue itl2S Walter H. Annenberg, Editor Merrill Ponitt, Monaging Editor Alexander H. Joseph, Associate Editor Harry Harris, Auoeiote Editor Oliver H. Crawford, Programming Editor Michael J. O'NeW, Advertising Director Donold P. Kohn, Promotion Director Henry H. Oschay, Circulation Director Jomes T. Quirk, Publisher TV GUIDE is published weekly by Trianile Publicetions. Inc.. 400 N. Broad SUeet^Philadelphia 1. Pa. Rlttenhouse 6-1600. National Advertisins Office. 400 N. Broad SL, Philadelphia I, Pa. Entered as second class nutter at the Post Office at Philadelphia. Pa. Subscription Rates: In the U. S. and Canada. 1 year $5.00, 2 years $8.00, 3 years $11.00, sinple copy 15c; In Pan-American Countries 1 year $7JI0. 2 years $1Z00, 3 years $17.00; In other Foreign Countries I year $8.00. 2 years $14.00. 3 years $20.00. Copyright 1955 by " ' -lePublicaUons.lnr- Address subscriptions ond chonges of address to Box 8019, Philadelphia 1, Pa. Pleose allow four weeks for change of address.