TV Guide (August 20, 1955)

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4 TV Teletype’ NEW YORK Bob Stahl reports: One of the items being lined up by producer FRED COE for his upcoming Pontiac Theater is a satire on The $64,000 Question, to be written by DAVID SHAW. Kicker is that COE's show will be directly opposite the real $64,000 Question on CBS. Says COE: "It's time TV became adult enough to poke fun at itself." * * * The $64,000 Question . Incidentally, is playing to more than 47,000,000 viewers each week, according to latest American Research Bureau figures. That's unpre¬ cedented for summertime TV . . . With new sponsor in¬ terest in Dear Phoebe, the show may be back, after all. * * * NBC, stepping up its color schedule about 500 percent over last season, plans to televise the World Series and NCAA football games, in addition to this week's Davis Cup tennis matches . . . BETTY FURNESS will be selling refrigerators throughout the poli¬ tical conventions again next year. Westlnghouse has signed once more to sponsor the CBS coverage. * * * Horses come into their own this fall. Fury, new Sat¬ urday morning series with an equine star, starts on NBC in October; My Friend FIIcka will be on CBS Friday evenings, and cENfi AOTRY' is planning a new series star¬ ring his pet. Champion. * « * Producers of Wanted , which goes Thursday nights on CBS this fall, have taken out high-cost Insurance against the possibility that one of the "most-wanted criminals" they'll document each week is apprehended before the telecast date—thus ruining the show . . . Camera crews are now touring the country, interviewing acquaintances and friends of these stlll-at-large hoods. » * * MAX LIEBMAN lining up some top musicals of past years for his Saturday night "spectaculars" on NBC: VICTOR HERBERT'S "Sweethearts ,"* JEROME KERN's "Cat and the Fid¬ dle," "Dearest Enemy" by RODGERS and HART, and "Good News." Season opens Oct. 1 with "Heidi," and last year's "Babes in Toyland" will be repeated Christmas Eve. * * * British version of ART LINKLETTER's People Are Funny starts on BBC -TV in September . . . MARY MARTIN, scheduled to star in "Skin of our Teeth" as an NBC "spectacular" Sept. 11, spending the intervening time working with NOEL COWARD in Jamaica on their upcoming CBS spectaculars. * * * NBC will have a new show Siinday nights at 10:30-11 EST — Louella Parsons Covers Hollywood . LOUELLA will interview film stars, show clips of old and new movies, and select the "Picture of the Week" — the "best" re¬ leased by the studios during each week. 'Trade-mark, Teletype Corp. Continued on Inside Back Cover