TV Guide (August 20, 1955)

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Driving off with her prize: Mrs. Thelma Bennett answered enough to assure herself of a Cadillac. Redmond O'Hanlon: he was satisfied with $ 16 , 000 . monies, is quoted as saying he is convinced that no one wiU take a crack at the jackpot. Cowan, a veteran independent pack¬ ager of radio and TV shows (Stop the Music and Juvenile Jury), dreamed this one up while vacation¬ ing in the West Indies last February. He sold it to a sponsor a week after he returned to New York. Originally, it was to have a lot of gimmicks and gags but immediately took a turn to the serious side. How can the average person get a crack at all that loot? Write a letter to The $64,000 Question, CBS, 485 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N.Y. The letter should include as much personal information about yourself as possible—the t 5 ?pe of work you do, the books you have read, your hob¬ bies, education, family life. The pro¬ ducers also would like a snapshot of you, and photostats of any pertinent docvunents (such as your college di¬ ploma)—but only if these can be spared, because they cannot be re¬ turned. You may state the category of ques¬ tions you’d like to try (Mrs. Kreitzer wrote in, saying, “Add the Bible as a category and I will show you how to