TV Guide (August 20, 1955)

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TV HELPS DENTISTRY DISPEL SOME OLD FEARS To television’s many “firsts,” another was added in Chicago when Mrs. Lupe Hernandez, a 20-year-old house¬ wife, permitted Dr. Mort Neimark to extract four of her teeth right in front of WBKB cameras and every¬ body. At first glance, Chicagoans might have had qualms about watch¬ ing such stark, clinical details of a multiple extraction. Officials of the daily program, TV Dental Clinic, however, contend that the show points out the importance of dental care. Further, since the traditional and er¬ roneous fear of dentistry is often founded on the unknown, the pro¬ gram hopes to substitute knowledge for ignorance by showing just what happens in a dentist’s office. TV Dental Clinic is a 15-minute show, and, in just that time. Dr. Nei¬ mark plucked out four teeth and put in a temporary bridge. Both doctor and patient were able to smile and prove, “Now wasn’t that easy!” 10