TV Guide (August 20, 1955)

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TV Teletype CONTINUED THOM MCE HOLLYWOOD Dan Jenkins reports; ESTHER WILLIAMS will make her bow as a TV performer on the first Milton Eerie Show of the season, Tuesday. Sept. 27, In color. No swimming — Just singing and dancing . . . JOSEPH GOT¬ TEN has been signed as permanent host-emcee for the hour-long CBS 20th Century-Pox Show for General Electric. * * * ABC Is hoping to crack Toast of the Town and Colgate Variety Hour wide open by scheduling the start of its group of 90-mlnute J.ARTHUR RANK films half an hour be¬ fore the other two begin on Sunday nights. * * * EVA MARIE SAINT will play opposite BOB HOPE In Paramount's "King of Hearts"--for $50,000. Her Oscar-winning role In "On the Waterfront," with MARLON BRANDO, paid her $7500 . . . Chev¬ rolet has bought a new anthology film series, titled Men In Black . DON TAYLOR will direct some episodes, star In others, * * * NBC planning to revive radio's "Vic and Sade" as a daytime TV serial, with BERNARDINE FLYNN in her original Sade role. RANSOM SHERMAN, currently featured on the GOBEL summer replacement, And Here's the Show , has turned down an offer to play Vic. * * * HAL ROACH, JR., will make a human interest series for the Bell Telephone Co., with JOHN NESBITT, the old"Passlng Parade" man, to narrate . . . Pour Star Productions plans to make "Grand Motel" both as a TV film series and as a motion picture — and wants GEORGE GOBEL for the picture. * * * Zlv will go Into production before the end of the year with no less than five new film series: Dr. Chris¬ tian, with JEAN HERSHOLT and MACDONALD CAREY: I Love a T^ery . with BARRY SULLIVAN; ^e Man Called XT~MrrTnd l<rs.. possibly with REX HARRISON and LILLI PALMER; and CralK Rice (no cast picked as yet), * * * Universal liked STEVE ALLEN's work In "Benny Goodman Story" so much that It has asked him to star In a planned remake of "My Man Godfrey"—not ARTHUR, but a role originally portrayed by WILLIAM POWELL. * * * ROD CAMERON, of the old City Detective , will do an episode opposite JANE WYMAl( In her new fireside Thea¬ ter series . . . Paramoimt Is making them stick to the terms of their contract, which means MARTIN and LEWIS will have to remain a team — at least for Paramount. * * * PREDRIC MARCH and BURGESS MEREDITH will do the first two of a new film series, Mr. President , based on the lives. If not the files, of U.S. Presidents . . r 'Playhouse of Stars has been re¬ newed for Its fourth straight year of 52 films, no repeats. 23