Universal Weekly (1923-1925)

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Vol. 20, No. 11 Universal Weekly 29 Scenes from Wanda Wiley's current Century Comedy, "Some Tomboy." In it she is supported by Al Alt and the Century Kids. This picture is now being released through Universal Exchanges. CURRENT CENTURY COMEDY RELEASE STARS WANDA WILEY <<QOME TOMBOY," current release for Century Comedies, stars Wanda Wiley, Century's newest star, as a champ baseball player and general all-around tomboy, as the title implies. She also acts as a hairdresser, and these sequences have been made with a view to burlesquing the popular permanent hair waving treatment. A complete electric outfit was used in making the scenes. Those who have seen this tworeeler, say it is one of the best of the Wiley pictures so far released by Century. The story from which the picture was made sparkles throughout with wit and clever situations, all of which Miss Wiley has carried to the screen in her own inimitable style. The screen story is said to move swiftly with a laugh for every foot, and to be a wise selection for the star. Wanda Wiley was supported by Al Alt and several of the Century Comedy Kids, a group of clever child actors and actresses, who add many moments of real humor to the picture. Edward L Luddy directed. "Some Tomboy" is scheduled for release October 22nd. LOISBOYD RETURNS TO CENTURY STUDIO AFTER YEARS ABSENCE LOIS BOYD, popular screen engenue, has returned to the Century studio after an absence of over a year, during which time she has played the lead in many Fox and Sennett comedies. Miss Boyd recently completed work on an important part in "The Last Man on Earth," a feature length production. Miss Boyd's first work under her new Century contract will be with Buddy Messinger in "The Wooly West," latest starring vehicle for the famous boy comedian of Century Comedies. In it she will play the engenue lead opposite Hilliard Karr, who is the chief comedian supporting Messinger in this production. Dolores Brinkman and Joe Bonner are also in the cast. "The Wooly West" will be a satire on the popular western feature and will have many hair-raising thrills in addition to an abundance of unusual comedy situations, according to Edward I. Luddy, who is directing. In this picture Buddy will be seen as a ridin' fool, with all the equipment, from five-gallon hat to boot spurs. "The Wooly West" will be one of the early releases on Century's schedule for the early part of next year. WANDA WILEY RECOVERS FROM ACCIDENT AND IS BACK ON CENTURY LOT WANDA WILEY, Century star, who was injured when her horse bolted and threw her during the making of "On Duty," her latest starring vehicle for Century, has completely recovered and is back on the Century lot once more. The accident was so severe Miss Wiley was forced to spend two weeks in the hospital and two more at her home in Hollywood convalescing. In the meantime, production on "On Duty" had to be held up. When Miss Wiley completes her work in "On Duty" she will make one more picture before starting on her series of two-reel specials to be made from stories by Georges Fouret, wellknown French humorist. Mr. Stem purchased these stories especially for Wanda Wiley while in Europe this Summer. It is expected that Jesse Robbins will be engaged to direct this series of two-reel specials. In this special series, Miss Wiley will be supported by Al Alt, one of Century's most popular comedians and a star himself. The famous Century Follies Girls will also be seen in many of these pictures. The scripts are now being prepared by Century.