Universal Weekly (1924-1936)

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14 Universal Weekly September 27, 1924 W onderful Wanda WANDA WILEY COMES TO SQl Latest Sensational Screen "Find" Intended to Follow Family Calling But Abandoned the Idea for Screen WANDA WILEY, pictured above, stands as proof that all talent is not hereditary. Wanda's family has left a notable record in the annals of medical history, and she, quite naturally, decided to add to that record with her own work. Her mother studied dentistry, but gave it up for the nobler work of making a home and raising a family. Her grandfather is a noted surgeon of West Virginia, and her uncle is likewise noted in Texas. However, Wanda changed her mind about devoting her ability and talent to the medical profession and decided intead to make a strenuous bid for fame on the screen. And it looks now as thought she were going to be unusually successful. After studying at the Texas Women's College she eiitered the "Texas Dental College and was well on her way to a diploma and eventually a "shingle," when it was discovered that she had considerable ability in a histronic way. It all happened quite unexpectedly as Wanda hadn't even an inkling that she could act and had never given the idea the slightest consideration. One day, a little less than two years ago, a movie company, making Westerns, came to San Antonio, where the dental college is located, to make some scenes. While there, the director visited one of his friends who is a professor at the college and was invited to visit the institution. Now is so _ happens that this same director was searching for a particular type of girl to play one of the important roles in the picture he was making, and had been unable to find her. During his visit to the college, Wanda Wiley was asked to show him certain points of interest about which she was familiar, and consequently the director had ample opportunity of getting acquainted with her. When he was leaving the college he asked Miss Wiley if she would like to play a part in a motion picture. He had found the type he was looking for in Wanda. Miss Wiley hesitated at first, but as she was about to take a shoi-t vacation, she considered the offer and, thinking it would be interesting and diverting, decided to accept. When the picture was screened her work was found to be so exceptional she was strongly advised to go to Los Angeles and take up the work seriously. This she did on the promise of several roles. Julius Stern, who is the head of the Century Film Cor Scenes from "Some Tomboy," starring Wanda Wiley, Supported by Harry McCoy and Hilliard Karr.