Universal Filmlexikon (1932)

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CELIA JOHNSON Marshgate House, Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey T: Richmond 0038 M: London Play Company, 51, Piceadilly, London, W. 1. AA • BH • CB • CG • EI • EL • EV Y: 5 ft. 6 ins. Z: Brünette. Celia Johnson started her stage career as a member oft he Hufldersfield Repertory Company. Made her London debut with Sir Nigel Playfair in "A Hiindred Years Old" at the Lyric Theatre, Hanimersmith. After tonring in "Typhoon" with Dennis Neilson-Terry she played the Artist's French Model in "The Artist and the Shadow" at the Kingsway Theatre, London, attracting considerable attention in the press. This led to an engagement for the leading part in Frank Vosper's "Debonair" at the Lyric Theatre, in which she scored a brilliant success. Subsequently she was given a contract by Gladys Cooper to appear with her and Sir Gerald du Maurier in "Cynara" at the Playhoiise Theatre, As Doris Lee she drew unstinted praise from press and public alike. Next she scored a notable personal hit as Elizabeth in a revival of Somerset Maugham s "The Circle" at the Vaudeville Theatre, after which she was starred in "Death Takes a Holiday" at the Savoy. Then she took over Madeleine Carrol's part in "After AU" at the Criterion and later appeared as Ophelia in Norman Bel-Geddes' striking production of "Hamlet" at the Broadhurst Theatre. New York. Celia Johnson's rise to stardom has been one of the most rapid in the history of the theatre. Her continuous stage engagements have so far prevented her from accepting any of the film offers she has already received, but her screen debut cannot be delaved much lonjier. Celia Johnson begann ihre Bühnenlaufbahn als Mitglied der Huddersfield Reperton.' Company. In London debütierte sie unter Sir Nigel Playfair in ,.A Hundred Years Old" am LyricTheater in Hammersmith. Nach einer Tournee unter Dennis Neilson-Terry ( „Typhoon"" I zog sie die Aufmerksamkeit der Presse als Darstellerin des französischen Modells in ..The Artist and the Shadow" am Kingsway-Theater in London auf sich. Daraufhin A^'urde die Künstlerin für die Hauptrolle in Frank Vosper"s ..Debonair" am L^iTic-Theater verpflichtet und errang einen glänzenden Erfolg. Im Anschluß daran trat sie mit Gladys Cooper und Sir Gerald du ]\Iaurier in ..Cynara" am Playhouse-Theater auf. Als Doris Lee erntete die Künstlerin einstimmigen Beifall bei Publikum und Kritik. Ihre nächste erfolgreiche Rolle war die Elisabeth in der Neuinszenierung von Somerset Maughams ,.The Circle" am \ audeville-Theater. worauf sie die Hauptrolle in ..Death Takes a Holyday" am Savoy spielte. Sodann übernahm Celia Johnson die Rolle in ...After AU'" am Criterion. die Madeleine Carrol kreiert hatte, sodann die Ophelia in Norman Bel-Geddes' ..Hamlet"-Inszenierung am Broadhurst-Theater in New \ ork. Celia Johnsons Aufstieg zum Startum war einer der raschesten in der Geschichte des Theaters. Ihre laufenden Biihnenverpflichtungen haben der Künstlerin bisher nicht die ^löglichkeit gegeben, eines der vielen Film-Engagements anzunehmen, die ihr angeboten wurden. 492