U.S. Radio (1960)

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report from networks A SILVER SPOON IS NOT ENOUGH She may be born with "advantages" and raised with love — but there still can be plenty lacking. That is. it the school she goes to isn't good enough. Crowded classrooms, unqualified teachers, outdated equipment, inadequate curriculum — any one of these can shortchange your child's education and her future. Look into the quality of the schools shell attend work through your local committees or your School Board for their improvement. Doesn't she deserve the best? FREE BOOKIET! Measure the quality of education offered in your child's school, rind out how it compares with the best in the country... how you can make it belter. For your < i>py— and free f;uidance on many school prol)lems — \\iile: Belter Schools, 9 East 40th Street, New York 16, New York. Yardsticks for Public Schools m nn* ► CBS: I'he proposed changes and modifications in the Program Consolidation Plan develoiK-d by the executive committee ol the affiliates board, are expected to receive final raiifitalion at the meeting ol affiliates at the end ol this mcMith. In presenting the changes in PCP, Arthur Hidl Hayes, j)resident of CHS Radio, reporietl on the success ol the program since it was instituted some 20 months ago. Mr. Hayes said that clearance has improved to 99 percent; affiliate relations have improved, and that lor the last quarter of 1959 and the first six months of I9()0. Cli.S Radio has been operating in the black. Hasic changes called for in the PCP jjroposals would see a shilt of emphasis to news and information. Mr. Hayes said that radio and networks can best do news and should press more into the information field, in making moie lime available lor the expanded news programming, the network will discotitinue tlie daytime serials, the Atnos 'n' Andy Music Hall and two Sunday westerns. The daytime personality linc-np of .\rthur Godfrey, Art Linkletter, Garry Mooie and Crosby-Clooney, however, will be continued. In detailing the news expansion, .Mr. Hayes |)oiniccl out that World Xcxi's Roundup and World Tonight would continue as at present. In ;ulclition, the network would change the on-the-hour news service from five to 10 minutes. In each 10-minute segment, the last two-and-a-half minutes would contain less important news and permit the affiliate to insert either local news or in.sert a 60-second local commercial. Also, CBS will offer a new information feature service. Every hoin on the half-hour, it was explained, the network would offer a five-minute feature— sports, news analysis and backaround, human interest and similar programs. These would be assigned lor sale by the network and may be broadcast then or at any time within the next 25 minutes. ► NBC: Broadcasters are giving thought to the jjrospccts outlined for radio by Robert W. Sarnotf, chairman of the board of the National Broadcasting Co., in an address at a lup.cheon ( onnnemorating the lOth anniversary of WVV[ Detroit. Reviewing the medium's problems since the advent of tv, Mr. Sarnoff said, '!Today for the first lime in many years the NBC Radio Network looks pretty healthy, and it is built on the key inch of Neri's-on-f lie-Hour 18 times daily; and Monitor. ". . . Radio's changing character and recent progress," he said, "have been strongly characterized by two main developments: First, heavily increased attention to news; and second, specialization — with greater emphasis on local service and increased attention to the specific needs of individual segments of the comnumity." ► ABC: The network reports that it has sold its election coverage. The event will be cosponsored by the Philco Accessory Corp. and the Mennen Co. In other new business areas, it is reported that the Burma Vila Co. will sponsor pre and post-game shows involving the Notre Dame football broadcasts. KFMJ Tulsa, Okla., has joined the network as a new affiliate, ABC states, replacing KOME. ► MBS: Rcjbert F. Hurleigh, president of Mutual network, has been awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars Gold Medal of Merit and Citation for "his outstanding contribution to communications." The presentation was made at the opening se-ssion of the VFW convention in Detroit late last month. • • • 56 U. S. RADIO • September 1960