U.S. Radio (1960)

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names and faces Noting the Changes Among The People of the Industry AGENCIES: Lawrence D. Reedy, sr. staff exec, for tv and radio, American Association of Advertising Agencies, New \ork, becomes v. p. Rill McQuillan joins Kenyon &: Eckhardt Inc., New York, IN copy supervisor, radio/tv, from Donahue &; Co. Inc., Xtnv York. Frank L. Woodruff named v. p. of Lennen &: Newell Inc. in charge of program production on the west coast. Donald H. Stone moves from Grey Advertising Inc., New York, to Lennen &: Newell Inc., New York, in the copy department. Edgar M. Griswold, formerly with Procter & Gamble Co.. moves to "W^illiam Esty Co., New York, as v. p. and .Ktoinit executive. John A. DeBenham named assislaiu to v. p., radio/lv production at Doherty, Clifford, Steers & Shenfield Inc., New York. Robert Liddel, Compton Advertising Inc., New York, advances from head timebuyer to associate media director. Rodney Albright, James Hayes and Frank Reed, members of radio/tv department at Sullivan, Stauffer, Colwell &: Bayles Inc., New York, elected v.p.'s. Paul McCluer, exec. v. p.. Wade Advertising Inc., Chicago, moves to agency's Los Angeles office. He replaces Forrest Owen who joins the Chicago office as exec. v. p. Richard P. Jones, associate media director, J. Walter Thompson Co., Neu York, becomes director of media. James R. Heekin appointed senior v. p., Ogilvy, Benson M Mather Inc., New York. STATIONS: Marshall M. Carpenter Jr., formerly RCA broadcast equipment representative, appointed president and gen. mgr., WDTM(FM) Detroit. Jim Ramsburg, former production dir., WDGY St. Paul, named national program director, Franklin Broadcasting Co. Jerry Jewler joins public relations staff, WWDC Washington, D.C. Theodore E. Sliwa rejoins WERE Cleveland as accoimt executive. John F. Williams, formerly gen. mgi., KRKN Roseburg, Ore., joins sales staff of KPAM and KPFM Portland, Ore. Thomas Schmitz becomes account executive, WRIT Milwaukee. Verne Paule, gen. mgr., WJPS Evansville, Ind.. named \.p. and director. Jack Powers joins "\YXYZ Detroit to head public affairs department. Peny M. Beaumont, formerly promotion dir., "W^NBD Peoria, 111., appointed sales representative, KYW Cleveland. James J. Wvchor joins sales staff of KSTP St. Paul. Milton E. Bliss, former producer of the National Fann and Home Hour, appointed director of agriculture for WFIL Philadelphia. : George Goldman moves to KEWB San Francisco as proI motion-publicity director from director of creative serv' ices at KYA, San Francisco. , William R. (Bob) Williams, formerlv with McCannjErickson Inc., Detroit, joins promotion department. C^ Reed Powers Carpenter WWJ Detroit. Warren Johnson becomes account executive, KAYO Seattle, after serving as manager, KQTY Everett, Wash. Joseph A. Par-ry promoted from account executive to sales manager, WNCN(FM) New York. REPRESENTATIVES: William E. Morgan, formerly in sales department, WXYZ Detroit, appointed gen. mgr., Adam Young Inc., Detroit. Len Tronick Donahue &: Co Inc., New York, moves to Venard, Rintoul & McConnell Inc., New York. William R. Reitmann becomes manager of The Boiling Co., Los Angeles office. Bill McRae and Robert Dalchau appointed managers, H-R Representatives Inc., of Atlanta and Dallas offices, respectively. NETWORKS: Robert F. Fountain moves to ABC as account executive, from sales representative. Look magazine. William D. Greene appointed assistant general attorney for CBS, leaving the law firm of HaAvkins, Delafield &: Wood. Fred Horton appointed general sales executive. NBC Radio and Spot Sales. Also at NBC: George Fuchs named A'ice president, labor relations, and Richard J. Raburn ( hosen as controller. INDUSTRY-WIDE: Robert A. Monroe appointed gen. mgr., John S. Murphv becomes assistant to the president. World Broadcasting System Inc., New York. U. S. RADIO September 1960 Ramsburg