U.S. Radio (1960)

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CANTON NEW PHILADELPHIA STEUBENVILLE ^ WGAR is warming up for another great season of sports coverage. To kick off tliis program, WGAR is broadcasting the thrills and color of every Cleveland Browns game and each Ohio State gridiron battle to listeners throughout the Northeastern Ohio area. Sports fans will also be treated to the on-the-spot coverage of the Cleveland Barons hockey CLEVELAND matches plus the play-by-play action of the Cleveland Pipers, Cleveland's entry in the pro basketball circuit. Add to this WGAR's programming of good music, drama, comedy, news and local events featuring top local and CBS personalities and you have a complete entertainment package that is truly . . . Radio for Grown-Ups ... of All Ages. 50,000 WATTS PEOPLES BROADCASTING CORPORATION WGAR Cleveland, Ohio WRFD, .Columbus-Worthington, Ohio WMMN Fairmont, West Virginia KVTV Sioux City, Iowa WTTM Trenton, New Jersey WNAX Yankton, South Dakota U. S. RADIO • October 1960 Represented by HENRY I. CHRISTAL COMPANY