U.S. Radio (1960)

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KYWiswayup in Cleveland! ...with the most extensive international, national and local news coverage in town. More people dial KYW for Hews than any other radio station in Cleveland.* KYW is your Mo. 1 radio hay in Ohio's No. 1 market. "special pulse study MABCH I960 Bepresented by AM Radio Sales Co. Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc. Qq0 I time buys American Motors Co. Agency: Geyei; Morey, Madden ir Ballard Inc., New York Product: 1%1 RAMBLER Aiinouiu ing a record campaign to introduce the new Rambler, American Motors is buying an extra 45 spots per weekend for a three-week period on NBC stations tarrying its Monitor spots. The Monitor schedule will continue for 52 w^eeks, totaling 22 announrcments each week. Beech-Nut Life Savers Inc. .\geiuy: Clunlrs II'. H(>\t Inc., I'lodud: BEECH-NUT COFFEE Willi an all-iadio budget, Beech-Nut stalled a 1()-A\eek spot (ampaign in mid Septeiiil)er. Markets number between 30 and 10, including Detroit, northern Virginia and cities in the .\oi theast. Total spots per week will reach 200 in some markets. Timebiivcr is Doug Humin. Bulova Watch Co Amii(\: M( Ciinn-Erickson (U.S.A.) Itic, Xcw York Produd: W'.ATCHE.S Bulova's iail sdiedulc begins C)clober .11 uith 10-second time signals slated to ring in 25 markets. The schedule calls for frequencies of 25 jier week for each station. Phil Stuiiibo is the limeijuver. Cerebelli & Co. AgeiKv: Ellington i Co., New York Piodud: BRIO.SCHI T\Bld".TS The second lliglu ol sjjois lor this anti-acid tablet will begin mid-November in If) markets, including the Northeast and Chicago. This flight will run five weeks, using .SO-second E T's. Dan Kane, media director, is handling the buying. South Bend's Your Best Bet Put the odds in your favor — pick the South Bend market. With a Metro Area household income of $7553 South Bend whips the state average of $6127 by many, many lengths. And this is only one part of the South Bend market. Project this basic area to the 36 Indiana and Michigan counties covered by WSBT, and it parlays into an area with over $3.5 billion buying power! WSBT is the area's favorite . . . dominates every 15 minute segment of every broadcast day from South Bend. The leading station in one of the midwest's richest markets. So put your products in the winner's circle; pick the South Bend market and its dominate station . . . WSBT. Call your Raymer man for complete details. He'll trot right over. Ask Paul H. Roymer, National Representotiv* 5000 WATTS 960 KC WSBT SOUTH BEND, INDIANA FIRST IN SOUND ADVERTISING U. S. RADIO c October 1960